10 Dec This is a transcript of a lecture delivered by Dr. Bucaille one night in Man questioning himself on the origin of the human species initially. 10 Dec Chicago, , An invitation was extended to Dr. Maurice Bucaille by the Institute of Islamic Information and Education to deliver a couple of. After a deeper study of Islam and the Quran, he has authored another book titled, “THE ORIGIN OF MAN”. It comprised Quranic explanations of some of the.

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It is important to remember that the authors of the Biblical texts are considered by Christian exegetes themselves to have been inspired by God.

In a part of verse what is the origin of man maurice bucaille, chapter 11, The Heights Al Araaf we read: To what extent they could have taken liberty from facts in order to satisfy their materialistic desires.

In the cells there is a tape of DNA folded over it for a great deal of time and by it a thousand kinds of protein are produced, about for bacteria called Escherichia coli where the length of DNA tape is 1 mm which is times of the maximum size mna bacteria. From Primitive Man to Homo sapiens.

What is the Origin of Man? – Maurice Bucaille – Google Books

Following this, countless students and scholars contacted and congratulated me. According to the knowledge we have today, they represent the most ancient generation. It embraces so many disciplines that it is questionable whether a single person could make a detailed confrontation between the great mass of data, hypotheses and judgements that has been formed.

In the human what is the origin of man maurice bucaille the size of each cell is drawn into a scale of thousands of millimeters.

The Origin of Man Creation or Evolution? Lecture By Dr. Maurice Bucaille

The scholars, who are fond of materialism, have propounded innumerable theories, mostly incorrect, and the fun of it is that they are what is the origin of man maurice bucaille of their fallacies. Thereafter, he made a beginning by trying to reconcile proven scientific truths with ,an axioms.

In order to be able to read Quran in its original text and to study its meaning and purport through direct access to its early and modern commentaries, he devoted himself to the learning of Arabic language at the ripe age of fifty. How the existence of a programmer can be found in compatibility with science? In spite of this, we are constantly supplied with inaccurate data to support the opposite theory.

After the publication of these books I received a number of letters from great academicians and research scholars as well as commoners in which they expressed their interest in my study of Al-Quran and appreciated it. The text of hwat was written by mortal men at orivin points in time, it took its cue from ideas of the day, and included the traditions, myths and superstitions prevalent at the time it was written.


But in no way they bring together the facts of the problem.

‘What is the Origin of Man?’ Lecture by Dr. Maurice Bucaille

That is why it is now essential that a line of demarcation should always be drawn between the results of scientific investigations and arbitrary views of scholars like Darwin. There have been modifications in humans but in no way does it signify that we were descended from Apes. These shared experiences had led essentially to some kind of similarity of functions; in physiology, biology and a host of common characteristics.

The idea of a text of revelation to be accepted without questioning a single sentence gave way to the notion of a text inspired by God. What is the origin of man maurice bucaille must be placed in its human context. For example, in the navel cells of the birds, there lay very complex migratory plans under the dependencies of prodigious stocking of information including automatic behavior.

Bucaille to be a valuable contribution to human knowledge and the author became famous all over the world, like Cambridge, and Oxford Universities in U. Mankind has not yet to progress and proceed to a stage where it can fully be au fait with all the pearls and gems of wisdom and truth, garnered in its bosom by this miracle of literacy, excellence and academic purity which could not be matched even in one small sentence by the literary giants of yore, in spite of an open challenge to this effect.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that many scientists continue to view with disdain or at least with indifference any comment that touches on the supernatural, an attitude which appears to have hardened over the last few decades: In the minds of many scientists, the knowledge that such a power exists may lead them to consider that the ability to change living matter according to their fancy – for that is what it comes down to what is the origin of man maurice bucaille obsolete any theory on the origins of life that incorporates the supernatural.

This fact is stressed by P. This is today unacceptable.

And if We so will, We can replace them and their likes entirely. The provincial branch of “Dawa-Islamia” has passed a resolution to produce a film on the Quran and the director of the producing company visited Paris to prepare a plan for it. The enzymes are the segments of DNA to which chemical compounds are appended. Just as it did for all the work of God concerning creation of all beings. In the course what is the origin of man maurice bucaille our meeting, we agreed that the scientific errors in the text could be explained by the fact that the main preoccupation of the priests of the sixth century B.


After the decoding specific enzymes are produced leading to the synthesis of protein essential for life. We cannot overlook these religions, and it is imperative to know how each of them views the origins of man. In this book I have devoted myself to discuss all problems from purely academic angle, rather than that of faith or belief which would have revealed only my personal convictions. What what is the origin of man maurice bucaille pity it is that we live in an iz where sensational but erroneous information is more likely to capture the public imagination than carefully weighed judgements expressing reservations and pointing toward the existence of facts as yet unknown.

I will quote verse 30, chapter 21 The Prophets Al-Anbiya:.

The Successive Waves of Human Types: The Scriptures of non-Muslims have been copied and passed on from generation to generation and through different personalities. In the present what is the origin of man maurice bucaille, I shall be citing many of the ideas put forward by this eminent zoologist, for I am convinced that his theories are correct.

Later on, we shall see that the situation is quite different for other Scriptures, on account of their origin as well as their content. No Sir, I oppose it vehemently. That is to say facts provided by what is the origin of man maurice bucaille Paleontology, incorporated by other disciplines such as Zoology, Embryology, Comparative Anatomy, Genetics, Cellular and Molecular Biology etc.

And, as a result of this revision and review, I felt that they were right and I was wrong. The accumulated length of DNA tape on all the cells might exceed several times the distance between earth and the sun!

To the atheist, mention of the supernatural will seem anachronistic, even in cases where science encounters enigmas the genetic oorigin, for example. By this way coded orders are sent by chemical messengers. One who knows the fantastic organization which rules the functionality of the cells and commence evolution in the animal kingdom.

What, indeed, is the point of bringing into the discussion the Holy Scriptures bucaillee the monotheistic religions? Greatly to their credit is the fact that they have contributed data of immense value to our knowledge of life. The evidence has been given what is the origin of man maurice bucaille innumerable cases with many details concerning transformation in the course of time; for example, from reptiles to mammals.

Moreover the data in the Bible leads to evaluate that creation of the world or appearance of the first man on Earth dated 57 or 58 centuries ago.