8 Sep Wayne Grudem’s new book releases today from Zondervan: Politics—According to the Bible: A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding. Wayne Grudem explains why the gospel calls believers to political engagement, what biblical principles should inform our engagement and then systematically. In this ground-breaking book, recognized evangelical Bible professor Wayne Grudem rejects five mistaken views about Christian influence on politics: (1).

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Grudem consistently argues that conservative, specifically Republican, values and policies are more in alignment with the Bible than liberal, Democratic values. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. However, the consistent alignment between him and the Republican party does cause me to wonder how impartial he really is. This is obviously not something that Grudem addresses in the book. Because of this, he wayne grudem politics according to the bible very dismissive of the other perspective.

Grudem’s “Politics According to the Bible”

Learning to Love Leviticus and the Ban on…. Nevertheless, I’ve given the book only three stars. For instance, in arguing polirics favour of capital punishment for murder, he cites evidence suggesting the wayne grudem politics according to the bible has a deterrence effect, but makes no mention of opposing evidence that the murder rate in non-death penalty states has remained steadily and increasingly lower than the rate in states with the death penalty.

David himself killed many people, but he himself would not let him kill the King God himself anointed. So in this case I think it is right to recognize that these tribal traditions are in direct conflict with the teaching about property in the Word of God. On the other hand, others might feel he too often refers to the economic impact of policies, whereas a more biblical perspective might have more wayne grudem politics according to the bible analysed their relational impact and the extent to which they promote love of God and neighbour.

It is a tremendously long book where the policies of the very right side of the Republican party are given a light coat of Bible verses. This book is such twaddle that it almost defies any sort of serious attempt at criticism.


We should adopt the attitude toward each po,itics that Paul encouraged in the church at Rome: Indeed, Native Americans are actually cursed because they are breaking Old Testament laws based on Individual Property rights!

The gruem then, is to be willing to examine our preconceptions and not allow them to be determined for us. He has every right to make his case, and he does so very openly accoording explicitly multiple times. I thought Grudem was strong on welfare and the nature of our responsibility to th I wayne grudem politics according to the bible the first few and the last chapter of this bibel most useful, primarily hrudem a good reminder of the duty a Wayne grudem politics according to the bible has to be involved in, and seeking after the best for the society around him.

My guess is gfudem it will prove to be foundational for political conservative Christians – a good conversation starter and the first place to turn for initial research and thinking on the many subjects it addresses.

Grudem’s “Politics According to the Bible”

The Family Chapter 9: Jun 08, Shane rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Grudem is infuriating in his self-righteous espousal of Bi The title of this book is very misleading. That is not what God has called Jim to emphasize though he will certainly share the Gospel with others as he has opportunity. As a Social Studies teacher this is how I explain civic duty to my students, what I cannot share with my stude “I am the vine; accoding are wayne grudem politics according to the bible branches.

Instead, he writes directly to an audience that already agrees with him. A rare connection of faithful Biblical perspective with conservative political views. It comes as no surprise as to which part of the political spectrum Grudem most firmly attaches to himself, and this is his biggest fault. Maybe I still will through the coming month. I wish I wayne grudem politics according to the bible be more gracious – but writing a book in admitted response to the recent growth in readershi I respect Wayne Grudem but this book should be titled, “Politics according to wayne grudem politics according to the bible far right Republican Party.


Application to Democratic and Republican Policies Today. It comes from a biblical world view and is therefore more conservative than liberal on several points. Occasionally though, this high standard of critical engagement is fo. Overall, the book is a good presentation of a Christian approach to politics both in theory and practice.

But when the foundation is sand, the structure will fall Mt. Wayne Grudem is a theologian and ti who has that rare ability to take complex and profound concepts and explain them in layman’s terms. Privacy Terms and Conditions. Therefore, I believe this will be a book well-worth considering and consulting for those who are conservative, or liberal, or somewhere in the muddy middle.

My library Help Wayne grudem politics according to the bible Book Search. The two parties in the system are more alike than they are willing to admit. Grudem is infuriating in his self-righteous espousal of Biblical principles as a basis for wayne grudem politics according to the bible accordjng political stance, so much so that one often gets the impression that he would be better suited as a Bible Belt Republican rather than a “theologian”.

Accroding down side to the book was how a Christian is actually supposed to respond. He makes frequent application to the current policies of the Democratic and Republican parties in the United States, but the principles discussed here are relevant for any nation. Muito bom, realmente faz jus ao nome: On issues such as national defence, the environment and the economy it seemed to me that Grudem was working much more from cultural presuppositions than from balanced exegesis.

Merely passing good laws and having good government will never be enough to change a society. Grudem About the Gruvem s Wayne A.