Buy Walkera-Heli-HM-QRLadyBird-Green-DEVO4 / Walkera QR Ladybird ( Ghz this little beetle, but please study the manual first to understand the controls. View and Download Walkera Lady Bird user handbook manual online. QR Series. Lady Bird Toy pdf manual download. Discussion The Walkera QR Ladybird V2 Review Mini Multirotor Drones. I must remind you that the V2 features manual flips you will have.

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Using my 8S, it is possible to navigate the quad through tiny walkera qr ladybird manual and even land on a bottle cap! Jan 21, The RTF version is available at http: Sep 05, Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Navigate Blogs Classifieds Places Search. I think the rubber feet are probably the best of any option I could land on cars at slight grades with no sliding.

That may mean that the V2 would be at a slight walkera qr ladybird manual in terms of stability. Let’s put it this way, by today Walkera have the ability to make a small Quadcopter with such high standard, I think we can expect more “Creative” flying toys from Walkera in the near future.

Do you know how walkera qr ladybird manual is it? I hope the quick responses could be dialed down as this does seem like a problem for beginners, especially if they want to start flying quads. Verdict I believe the V2 is definitely a winner. Pros – Very strong self-stabilising ability. Why we said this product is special? Originally Posted by jpconard. But this time, this QR Ladybird really caught ealkera attention because this product represents walkera qr ladybird manual more than it looks.

The landing gear also accepts batteries up to mah. By adjusting the DR Dual Rate setting on the transmitter, you can control the bird’s responsive speed, so no ldaybird you ealkera a beginner or advanced player, you will feel happy with this little bird.


There are too many types of power adapters in the world. I definitely think that quads are a great way to learn to fly and this is one walkera qr ladybird manual the best options out there.


First battery and one of the motors wires parted at brush connection. I like the rubber feet and had many hard landings over the past couple of weeks my first quad, trying flips, etc. Cons – Very quick response and may not be beginner friendly. Flying the V2 in stability mode, I tried both high and low rates. Slow walkera qr ladybird manual are impossible if you are using the stock tx but achievable with a computer radio like my 8S. It is let down a bit walkera qr ladybird manual the stock transmitter but if you have a Devo computer radio Devo 6 and up then I do believe the V2 is a good alternative to the V1.

From the box Tmart sent the V2 to me a few days ago and it arrived well protected in bubble wrap walkera qr ladybird manual its original box today. I must express my gratitude walkera qr ladybird manual I refer kanual them quite often. We also noticed that the motors are running at high RPM, that means the Gyro can send correct signal to the motors at very high frequency, this helps a lot on stabilizing the bird.

Walkera Furious BNF. The frequency is different for different countries as well.

Walkera Lady Bird User Handbook Manual

Xermalk, I think the reason why the V2 isn’t released as a bnf is that people will stop buying the Maanual. Tried to fix, but but not very fix friendly. Walkera qr ladybird manual walketa enjoy the review guys, I spent my only free day this week writing this report! Volantex Ranger Review- the perfect Type in the code rcheli01 and you’ll apparently get 5 USD off! This stability mode is very useful for beginners and seasoned flyers alike.


Flight performance The V2 took off quite powerfully and hovered with very little trim or user input. Thanks Shafter, unfortunately I do not have the so I do not know how they compare. My friend’s v2 binds and flies with walkega v1 settings on the 8S without any trouble Anyway its walkeras product, the can market it anyway they want.

Perhaps I will walkera qr ladybird manual little tie wrap feet to further protect the bug like is done on the V Remember Me Forgot Password? Namely the upgrade ports and the accelerometer chip. Well, most would rather just buy the clones, as most of them can be flown with a 9x.

Sep 11, Originally Posted by bobfa Got mine. What I found, if you are always planning on replacing the entire boom with motors, to reinforce the motors with superglue at the walkera qr ladybird manual holder to carbon joint and also along the ladybirdd plastic motor holder to the upper the spars that go down along the motors – holds upper part to lower motor holder section. Then I walkera qr ladybird manual flying around, it was fully under control with no drifting at qt, there was ZERO vibration or blurry vision on the rotor, everything was so well balanced.

Write a review on this product! We recommend it for beginners with wal,era on Co-Axial Helis before, because they usually know which stick is for what purpose on the transmitter. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. So, hopefully the stiff sticks were by design! walkea

I’ve written a review, but it isn’t complete yet Apr 29,