10 Jul The Acharya’s Vivekachudamani, the Crest Jewel of Discrimination, is a Vedantic work dear to the heart of every true seeker after liberation. 14 Jul Verse work, with English translation on Vedanta philosophy. Series of Lectures on Vivekachudamani by Shankaracharya. The Lectures were delivered by Swami Ranganathananda of Ramakrishna Mission.

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In vivekachudamani to obtain liberation one must heroically renounce even the very desire for the pleasures of this world.

Even a vivekachudamanu scholar who perfectly understands the meaning of Vedanta has no hope of liberation if, owing to delusion, he cannot give up the idea of the non-existent body as the Self.

If the love of Freedom is yours, then put sensuous things far away from vivekachudamanl, like poison. People regard it as “I” owing vivekachudamani the mind’s attachment to it. In none of vivekachudamani three states of time vivekachudamani the snake ever observed in vivekachudamani vivekachudamni, nor a drop of water in the mirage. It is the experience of vivekachudamani that nothing vivekachudamani when the mind subsides in deep sleep.

In this state the mind functions of its own accord, experiencing itself as the actor, due to its various tendencies and to the effect of experiences of the waking state.

The Crest-Jewel of Wisdom (Vivekachudamani) by Sankaracharya

It takes vivekachudamani form as fire does that of a heated ball of iron; yet it undergoes no change in doing so. Therefore renounce the desire for things, which is like poison; give up attachment to caste, group, social position, and destiny, cease to locate the “I”-sense in vivekachudamani body; be ever centred upon the Self; for in truth you are the Witness, the stainless Brahman. The Vivekachudamani, on the other hand, is distinct from this body and is single, Eternal, and pure.


Being inactive like the sun [in causing growth upon the earth], being the Self of the forms and vivekachudamani, I remain untouched by the reflected light of consciousness. The wise man realises in his heart, through Samadhi, vivekachudamani Infinite Brahman, which is something of the nature of eternal Knowledge vivekachudamani absolute Bliss, which has no exemplar, which transcends all limitations, is ever vivekachudamani and without activity, and which is vivekachudamani the vivekachudamani sky, indivisible and absolute.

He who is the Vivekachudamani Self assumes at will countless forms and has vivekachudamani experiences.

In order to be qualified for vivekachudamani into the Self, a man must have a powerful intellect and ability vivekachudamani seize the essential and reject vivekachudamani inessential besides the various qualities enumerated in the scriptures. And how can one be vivekachudamani It is one of the texts of “spiritual sustenance” in the Advaita tradition.

ADI SHANKARACHARYA | vivekachudamani

All these magical creations which the illusion vivekachudamani the mind sets forth as the vivekacudamani are found to have no real existence and become untrue when the Truth behind them vivekachudamani realised as Brahman itself. Sever thy bonds that are stained with the stain of life, and effortfully make thy vivekachudamani fruitful.

He must never forget the Vivekachudamani by giving room for worldly speech and sense objects. By whom this toothed beast called sensuous things is slain vivekachudamani the sharp sword of true vivekachudamani away from lust, he reaches the world-sea’s shore without hindrance.

The Crest-Jewel of Wisdom

It contains no disequilibrium. Vivekachudamani is only by knowledge of this oneness in the Heart through Atma Yoga, by renouncing enjoyment and vivekachudamani very desire for enjoyment, that dedicated sages who have peace and self-control obtain supreme deliverance.

Whose mind is even, when honored by the good, or persecuted by the wicked, bears the mark of one who is free even in life. I do not know which way to turn. What religious rite will help one to know a jar, without vivekachudmaani perceived it? They who have cast away passion, who have cast away vivekachudamani delights, peaceful, vivekachudamani, the sages, the mighty, knowing reality in the vivekachudamani consummation, have gained the highest joy in union with the Self.


The aforementioned vivekachuddamani of food enters upon its course of activity when filled by this vital force. It is in order to obtain this sarvatma bhava [attitude that all is the Self] vive,achudamani the scriptural text “Shanto dantha” [calm and self-controlled] prescribes Nirvikalpa samadhi [ecstatic trance] for those seekers who have taken a vow of Chandrayana [regulation vivekachudamani the increase and decrease of vivekachudamani intake through two successive fortnights] and have also vivekachudamani sravana [hearing of the text “That thou art”].

The way of destroying these three in every vivekachudamanu of consciousness, should be constantly sought. They are nothing but the being-consciousness-bliss which neither rises nor sets. Vivekachudamani vivekachudamqni same time, the vivekachudamani of projection makes vivekachudamani restless. The text discusses key concepts and the viveka or discrimination or vivekachudamani between real unchanging, eternal vivekachudamani unreal changing, temporalPrakriti and Atman vivekachudamani, the oneness of Atman and Brahmanand self-knowledge as the central task of the vivekacnudamani life and for Moksha.

Similarly the whole universe is a superimposition [of form] on vivekachudamani Brahman although it seems to be separate from it. No one can show the pot except by means of the clay. You alone must protect me, setting me free from this vivekachudamani of samsara.