2 Sep UA General-purpose single operational amplifier. Datasheet – production data. Features. • Large input voltage range. • No latch-up. description. The µA is a general-purpose operational amplifier featuring offset -voltage null capability. The high common-mode input voltage range and. µA General-Purpose Operational Amplifiers An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, . Product Folder Links: uA .

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General-Purpose Operational Amplifier

Top menu About Us Contact. Also the difference between the voltage values of the Inverting and the Non-Inverting pin should not be more than the Ua741 op amp datasheet Input Voltage Rating. Have you read Opamps for Everyonesee: This power is called power consumption and typical value is 85mW.

A Negative feedback is commonly preferred, since it has predictable behaviour and stable operation. This Op-Amp can be used for many general purpose applications like, Voltage follower, Buffers, Comparators, Amplifiers, Adders and much more.

It is a single package Op-Amp that has been widely used by engineers ua741 op amp datasheet students for quite a long time now. By changing the POT value, datzsheet output offset voltage can be reduced to 0V.

But that complicates matters. It is possible to operate the on a single rail supply ua741 op amp datasheet. In this post, we will be discussing about the IC, one of the most popularly used op-amp IC. It can also be said that the input voltage range is the range of common mode voltages over which the offset voltages apply.


That means there is no xatasheet input range left with only a 5 V supply. The input stage of an Op-Amp is mostly complex since it involves many ua741 op amp datasheet. Interesting behavior shown by the UA output-circuit. If output voltage swings up towards supply voltage, it needs a few volts to remain linear.

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First I don’t know if I understand what “Common-mode input voltage range is”. Skip to main content. If the value of CMRR is high, there is better matching between the 2 input terminals. This simplifies the circuit design and minimizes the number of components used. Ua741 op amp datasheet dataaheet amps, for instance, will only allow the common mode voltage of a signal to come within a diode drop or so of the power supply rails.

Datasheets are for engineers which know how to use dataseet opamp and what properties they need. The supply current is the current ua741 op amp datasheet by the IC from the power supply.

Count the arrows along the two paths. Also I completely do not understand the part: But that feedback depends on enough gain. By calculating slew rate we can easily find ua741 op amp datasheet the rate in which the output of the op-amp changes in response to changes in the input frequency. The maximum ratings of the IC are specified for parameters ua7741 supply voltage, input and differential input voltages, storage and operating temeprature ranges, soldering pin temperatures, and output short circuit duration.


Ua741 op amp datasheet not you should! It also does not need any external compensation for phase component. Those few volts of no-man’s land are there by design and do not scale with supply voltage as you have suggested.

This value decreases as the matching between the two input terminals is improved and may reduce down to almost 6nA. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Operational amplifier UACP – reading the datasheet. Your email address will not be published. This method is usually carried out to know the degree of matching between the inverting and non-inverting terminals. The equivalent circuit or schematic diagram of the IC is provided in the datasheet.

But, for a higher current the IC will fail. So in my case, if I put 0. Your common mode input is 0. FakeMoustache Granted, an open-loop opamp is ua741 op amp datasheet squirrely non-linear dataeheet, but monotonic for DC if you stay out of datasheett land. These ua741 op amp datasheet pins can be used to correct datasheft offset error of an Op-Amp. The typical value for Datasgeet is 1. The book that FakeMoustache links to discusses dual and single supply in ua741 op amp datasheet 4.

Nowfor that interesting behavior. The pin configuration for thse packages are shown below.