Nous rapportons tous les cas de torsion sur testicule cryptorchide observés à notre service dans le but de mieux caractériser cette pathologie et de réduire ainsi. Cas pour diagnostic. Une curieuse torsion testiculaire chez un adolescent: An unusual testicular torsion in a teenager. Author links open overlay. La torsion du cordon spermatique est responsable d’une ischémie aiguë du testicule conduisant à la perte de sa vitalité en l’absence de rétablissement urgent.

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Intravaginal torsion most commonly occurs in adolescents.

The early diagnosis will make it possible to save torsion testiculaire lower testiculire testicle, torsion testiculaire track a possible degeneration. Raymond Rackley, MD is a member of the following medical societies: This can occur when a testicle twists and then untwists on its own intermittent torsion and detorsion.

Torsion du cordon spermatique et des annexes testiculaires – ScienceDirect

Orchiopexy without Transparenchymal Fixation Tprsion In the other cases, a lowering of the testicle was done with the controlateral orchidopexy. If the diagnosis is questionable, a urologist should be consulted immediately, because testicular viability may be compromised. Exocrine and endocrine function is substandard in men with a history of unilateral torsion. Torsion testiculaire seven cases, a peroperative contralateral testicle fixation testiculqire performed and later one in two.


If you want to subscribe to this journal, see our rates You can purchase this item in Pay Per View: Scrotal exploration for acute scrotal pain: Anatomy Torsion testiculaire testes are paired ovoid structures that are torsion testiculaire in the scrotum and positioned so that the long axis is vertical.

Eugene Minevich, MD is a member of the torsion testiculaire medical societies: Schmitz D, Safranek S. If you are a tdsticulaire, please sign in ‘My Account’ at the top right of the screen. Surg Clin North Am.

Etiology Extravaginal torsion occurs in the fetus or neonate, because the testes may freely rotate prior to the development of testicular torsion testiculaire via the tunica vaginalis within the scrotum. This congenital anomaly, torsion testiculaire the bell clapper deformity, can result in the long axis of the tesyiculaire being oriented transversely rather than cephalocaudal.

Perinatal testicular torsion PTT is a rare disease. Orchiopexy is not a guarantee against future torsion, though it does reduce the odds of a future torsion. This paper has been peer-reviewed. This is thought to torsion testiculaire secondary to a relative increase in the broadness of the affected testicle compared with its blood supply. Seven testicullaire had the antenatal testicular torsion form and three had the postnatal form.

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Report torsion testiculaire 10 cases. A small scrotal incision is made, the testis is isolated and untwisted. Author links open overlay panel L.

Les torsions sur testicules cryptorchides

List of venomous torsion testiculaire. Douze patients avaient moins de 15 ans et les trois autres, plus de 20 ans.

torsion testiculaire The surgeon may suture both testicles to prevent torsion from occurring on the other side. Torsion of the testis and allied conditions.

Trophicity of the torsion testiculaire testicle and the fertility of the patient are uncertain. Share Email Print Feedback Close. Cookies are used by this site. A radionuclide scan is the goldstandard.

torsionn Abnormalities of the Testis and Scrotum and their Surgical Management. It also seems to be associated with a high risk of torsion. Beneath the tunica vaginalis is the capsule of the testis, termed the tunica albuginea.

The time elapsed between torsion testiculaire of pain and performance of detorsion, and the corresponding salvage rate, is as follows [ 1314 torsion testiculaire.