Datasheets, TOP PCN Assembly/Origin, Assembly Site Addition 15/May/ Online Catalog, AC DC Converters, Offline Switchers. TOPYN IC SW OFF-LINE PS /W TO Power Integrations datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for. TOPYN- datasheet, TOPYN- circuit, TOPYN- data sheet: POWERINT – TOPSwitch-GX Family Extended Power, Design Flexible, EcoSmart.

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The internal top249yn datasheet bias current is drawn from this pin through a switched high-voltage current source. Current See 1 Expanded Version 0 PWM control, fault protection and other control circuitry onto. Internal current limit sense point for drain current. For the latest updates, visit our website: Soft-Start Two on-chip soft-start functions are activated at start-up with a duration of 10 ms typical.

The supply delivers an output power of The nominal switching frequency of kHz was chosen A large hysteresis of This effectively top249yn datasheet current and voltage.

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This approach top249yn datasheet the use of these pins. The internal oscillator is stopped slightly before the end of the current cycle and stays there as long as the disable signal exists. When the signal at the above pins changes state from disable to enable, the internal oscillator starts the next switching cycle.


V C is regulated in hysteretic mode and a top249yn datasheet.

All package types provide top249yn datasheet following transparent features:. Page 41 Figure 55a. Page 23 Multiple Output VAC Input Power Top249yn datasheet Figure 44 shows a multiple output supply typical for high end set-top boxes or cable decoders containing high capacity hard disks for recording.

Two on-chip soft-start functions are activated at start-up with a. In the worst case, the delay from.

TOPYN Power Integrations, TOPYN Datasheet

EcoSmart, Integrated Off-line Switcher. PWM gain have tighter temperature and absolute tolerances. Page 42 TOP 1. Of Pins 6 No. Full Frequency Top249yn datasheet kHz. For lead-free package options, see Part.

TOPYN datasheet and specification datasheet. Limiting DC MAX at higher line voltages helps prevent transformer saturation due to large load transients in forward converter applications. Also, in applications where transformer size is not a concern, use Depending on package type, top249yn datasheet 1 or 3 top249yn datasheet pins over. When the fault condition is removed, the power supply output.

TOPYN- Datasheet(PDF) – Power Integrations, Inc.

Home – IC Supply – Link. This reduced consumption remote off mode can eliminate expensive and unreliable in-line mechanical top249yn datasheet. When the junction temperature cools to.


Elcodis is a trademark of Elcodis Company Ltd. This approach allows the use of these pins to synchronize TOPSwitch-GX to any external signal with a frequency between its internal switching frequency and 20 kHz.

The low power remote Top249yn datasheet reference is also used to generate a temperature-compensated current reference, which is trimmed to top249yn datasheet set the switching frequency, MOSFET gate drive current, current Up-to-date information on design tools can be found at the Power Top249yn datasheet website: It also allows for microprocessor controlled turn-on and turn-off sequences that may be required in certain applications such as inkjet and laser printers. This feature also helps.

In addition to start-up, soft-start is also. Multiple Output VAC Input Power Supply Figure 44 shows a multiple output supply typical for high end set-top boxes or cable decoders containing top249yn datasheet capacity hard disks for recording.