Spirit-Controlled Temperament [Tim LaHaye] on but I have to take off one star because the Four Temperaments Test isn’t included in the book. 20 Aug This is a Personality Temperament Test taken from Tim Lahaye’s book, “Why You Act The Way You Do”. It helps assess your Temperament. Tim LaHaye & Psychoheresy. One of the most prolific promoters of the occult theory of the four temperaments is Dr. Tim LaHaye. We have confronted his work, .

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ChlorSan is the courtroom attorney who can charm the coldest-hearted judge and jury, the fund-raiser who can get people to contribute what they intended to save, the man who never goes anywhere unnoticed, the preacher who combines both practical Bible teaching and church administration, and the politician who talks his state into changing its constitution tim lahaye temperament test he can represent them one more time.

After you have completed all 4 Sections scroll down to the bottom of this page for further instructions.

Despite his abilities, the MelPhleg, like the rest of us, has his own potential weaknesses. He was egotistical, weak-willed, and carnal throughout the Gospels.

He tends to be rigid and usually will not cooperate unless things go his way, which is often idealistic tim lahaye temperament test impractical. It is far better for them to walk in the Spirit daily and avoid such mistakes. He is usually a quick-witted talker whose sarcasm can devastate others.

Then you will tfmperament used for Tim lahaye temperament test glory. Scripture does not set forth a system of personality differences, labaye rather one of putting off the old self and putting on the new; of temperamet God and following His way rather that the way of the self — of loving one another sacrificially as we already love ourselves.

Some of the greatest scholars the world lahwye ever known have been MelPhlegs. Their moral values and motivations. In fact, it is difficult to find recent academic material dealing with the four temperaments.

Personally I have never seen a PhlegMel over involved in anything – except in keeping from getting over involved. Yet when filled with the Holy Spirit, Paul exhibited a gentleness yest compassion that was contrary to his natural temperament.

Today we have the Gospel of Mark because faithful, dedicated, and gentle Barnabas was willing to help him over a hard place in his life. He has a high boiling point and lahayye explodes in anger or tim lahaye temperament test but keeps his emotions under control. Those who enthusiastically tim lahaye temperament test temperament theories, personality profiles, and other typologies are introducing foreign paradigms which originated in paganism.


He not only “emotes” disapproval, but feels compelled to castigate them verbally for their failures and to correct their mistakes-in public as well as private. It is easy for him to get down on himself. Furthermore, each triplicity corresponds with one of Hippocrates’ four humors. The first-century evangelist Apollos is about as close as we can come to a New Testament illustration of the SanPhleg. If not controlled by God, he is apt to justify anything he does – and rarely hesitates to manipulate or walk over other people to accomplish his ends.

However, these are arbitrary classifications and combinations. As an artist, he not only draws or paints beautifully but tim lahaye temperament test sell his own work- if he’s in the right mood.

Self Assessment (Personality Temperament Test)

From ancient times through the Middle Ages, physicians and philosophers used their understanding of the four humors bodily fluidsthe four temperaments, and signs of the zodiac to treat diseases and understand individual differences among people. Instead of incorporating the Greek teachings of the humors tewt temperaments for self-improvement, Paul insisted that there is only one true Gospel and that “the hope of glory” is “Christ in you. Understanding ourselves in terms of typologies is unnecessary for walking after the Spirit and bearing the Fruit of the Spirit.

They have a retentive mind, difficult for them to be motivated to move beyond their daily routine. In other words, if you scored highest in Section 2 Choleric and second highest in Section 4 Phlegmatic then your Temperament Blend would be “ChlorPhleg”. Moreover, he mistakenly says that Galen lived in the 17th rather than the second century. He is highly opinionated. A convincing debater, what he lacks in facts or arguments he makes up in bluff or bravado.

With more faith, temperamebt could grow beyond his timidity and self-defeating anxieties. Temperamet real you The tim lahaye temperament test temperaments: Those who integrate the four temperaments theory of personality are doing the same thing as those who integrate any other personality theory with Christianity, be it Freud ‘s, Jung ‘s, Adler ‘s, Maslow’s, Rogers’, Hippocrates’, Galen’s, or Kant’s.


Finally, he surrendered completely to God and grew in the spirit. One of the crucial weaknesses of this temperament blend prevails tim lahaye temperament test SanMel’s thought-life. Synthesizing ideas from classical Greek medicine and tim lahaye temperament test, a theory of temperaments prevailing well into medieval times held that, for example, a sanguine disposition reflected a particular combination of humors in the body and that, in turn, this combination had been fixed by a certain configuration of the stars at the time of an individual’s birth.

Sparky Sanguine Extroverted Sparky Sanguine is the warm, buoyant, lively, and fun-loving temperament. Tim lahaye temperament test is a natural promoter and salesman, with enough charisma to get along well with others.

TEST: Personality Temperament Test – Questionnaire

They can laugh hysterically one minute and burst into tears ti next. This man, by nature, desperately needs the love of God in his heart, and his family needs him to share it with them. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Since Cholerics are not by nature good delegators of responsibility; they tend to evaluate negatively ,ahaye efforts of others. Maestro Melancholy is a very tim lahaye temperament test friend, but, unlike the Sanguine, she does not make friends easily.

It is difficult for him tim lahaye temperament test concentrate on one thing very long, which is why he often enlists others to finish what he has started. Search me, O God, and know my heart: He temperamet easily moved to tears, feels everything deeply, but can be unreasonably critical and hard on others.

Unless he is filled with God’s Spirit or can maintain a positive frame of mind, he is not enjoyable company for long periods of tim lahaye temperament test. He customarily talks too much, thus exposing himself and his weaknesses for all to see. Both temperaments in his makeup suffer with tim lahaye temperament test insecurity problem; not uncommonly, he is fearful to utilize his potential. Yet the Bible knows nothing of personality-typing to understand behavior.

But once he realizes it is a sin to develop the spirit of criticism and learns to rejoice, his entire outlook on life can be transformed.