The User Illusion has ratings and 61 reviews. Richard Tor Norretranders is Denmark’s leading science writer with a track record of best sellers. It follows. Compre o livro The User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down to Size na Tor Nørretranders is a Danish writer, speaker, thinker, and self-identified “science. An Excerpt from The User Illusion, By Tor Norretranders. The fact is that every single second, millions of bits of information flood in through our senses. But our .

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Visualizar ou modificar seus pedidos em sua conta. Mason rated it it was amazing. We have to solve the binding problem before we can experience anything at all; we have to form a hypothesis about where the sound came from before we hear it.

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User illusion

But the filtering is not done by consciousness. The world just is. They insist that the topic is enormously complex and its solution is utterly beyond our reach, the ultimate puzzle of the universe, and for this reason they throw into the basket everything they know, some of which is even relevant.

There is almost nothing to digest, no bones and fibre to discard during and afterward.

The User Illusion, by Tor Norretranders

The last illusino of the book was the author taking the ideas of consciousness and expanding it to the larger universe, which is interesting norrretranders borders on pseudoscience although I know plenty of people who would put psychology in that same realm, so to each their own.

The interesting things in life may not be the ones that take long explanations to describe but those that take many experiences to get to know. If you suppose that the information in information theory is about meaning, Tir do produto Capa comum: But our consciousness processes only perhaps forty bits a second — at most. This is hard to believe, right? Oct 14, Matthew Carlin rated it it was ok Shelves: But this is not true. Aug 01, Pages Buy.


Now as it happens, having mulled it over for years myself, I pretty much agree with 1 although not 2 ; the most obvious problem with this thesis, though, is that you can’t publish a book only one page long, so you pad it out sorry, prepare the ground with a series of huge digressions into anything even remotely fashionable at the time: Just as animals function nearly perfectly without “I-consciousness,” so too, says the author, did humans until around BCE.

As it turns out it is a recent translation of an original published in the early nineties and my notion was surely enforced by the number of recent books on the same “theme” namely the apparently novel revelation that the greater part of our mental activity is not directly accessible to our consciousness!

The author then draws an analogy to the way our bodies process so many trillions of illusjon of information that never actually reaches our consciousness, even though our consciousness does a good job of making kllusion seem like its describing all of reality.

Nov 20, Socraticgadfly rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’ll give the paperback to someone who will norretrandes the topics as a gift. It starts with a fantastically simple overview of the development of science, physics and technology. Yes it is possible to reduce consciousness for example to a simpler, physical or mathematical norrwtranders, but only by throwing away most of what we know, and we cannot reconstruct consciousness from the resulting simplistic description.

I recently bought and read this book convinced it was a recent work. The work fits together so many concepts from other things I’ve read, whether or not the author had the same background as me. The book is interesting overall, but if you are looking for something that is straight to the point, you will be disappointed. Our consciousness is presented with an interpretation, not the raw data.


As humans we tend to seek predictability.

The User Illusion

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There’s a subconscious you that’s really in charge Millions of bits are processed by the senses in the same amount of time, choosing what the consciousness considers important.

Conscious thoughts on consciousness.

The point of psychotherapy for the individual is the lesson: Although we are unaware of it, our brains sift through and discard billions of pieces of data in order to allow us to understand the world around us. As for claims that the central idea is dated? Twinkie marked it as to-read.

Can we explain everything that happens to us or around us? The claim, then, is that the user illusion is a good metaphor for consciousness.

Although I agree with the thesis, I put the book down This book lacks rigor, making a lot norretrandefs loose and intellectually weak arguments in support of a very good but already very well known theory.

Things yser when I stopped trying to read every word cover to cover and just skimmed th This book has some really interesting stuff in it, but it was just plain a slog to read through. An interpretation, a hypothesis. As John Casti wrote, “Finally, a book that really does explain consciousness.

He covers an impressive amount of research covering the last quarter of the 20th century and manages to tie it together though the devices ueer introduces for the purpose are shallow and mostly misapplied.