The Star Diaries [Stanislaw Lem] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Paperback, some creasing to cover, good pages. 31 Dec The Star Diaries by Stanislaw Lem. A Jorge Luis Borges for the Space Age – The New York Times Stanislaw Lem’s set of short. The Star Diaries (Dzienniki gwiazdowe) by Stanisław Lem, often published together with their sequel Memoirs of a Space Traveller, are supposedly the .

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Very soon their products cease to resemble “washing machines” completely. Paperbackpages. In rare instances, a publisher has elected to have a “zero” moving wall, so their current issues are available in JSTOR shortly after publication. The stories are travel logs of space traveler, Ijon Tichy and translated by Michael Kandel from the polish in Want to Read saving….

In the 22nd and 25th voyages there are good examples of our narrow view of star diaries stanislaw lem refusing to see evidence that is right in front of us or refusing to believe things could turn out another way because we have experienced them THIS way. This book was equally smart, clever, very funny and introspective all at once. I opened my eyes and saw a srar standing over the star diaries stanislaw lem his face was strangely familiar, though I hadn’t the faintest idea who this could be.

Aliens interpret the missionary wants to become diadies martyr and torture him to death to fulfill his desires. The government solution is that people learn to breath underwater. His works were widely translated abroad although mostly in the Eastern Bloc countries. Ijon Tichy 5 books. Get Started Star diaries stanislaw lem have an account?

In the end, it turns out that life on Earth was actually created by two crew members diarries an alien spaceship as some kind of sick joke. Ijon Tichy, the protagonist, is noth 4. When looked at chronologically, you see Lem moving from knockabout space comedy, to more pointed satire, to philosophical speculation.

Lem develops this theme again in the later tale, “Professor A. Dec 28, Ram rated it really liked it Shelves: The language, overall, was very rich, changing between styles, even using a made up version of old and new language, in the Polish version, I assume, Polish, but also, and much credit to Star diaries stanislaw lem, of course, in the English version, a sensational mix of old and new English that I had some trouble star diaries stanislaw lem, but that only attests to it’s greatness, because syanislaw used expressions long out of use.


He is perhaps best known as the author of Solariswhich has twice been made into a feature film.

The Star Diaries by Stanislaw Lem

Review The Star Diaries. If you ever wondered how the world was created, you would enjoy the Star diaries stanislaw lem Voyagein which Ijon goes to represent Earth in a gathering of the Star diaries stanislaw lem Planets and understands how we came to be a silly accident of oil spillage.

Mar 08, Chris Fellows rated it it was amazing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Mar 07, Barak rated it really liked it.

I wouldn’t consider myself a sci fi fan, but this author, like Capek’s War With the Newts, has very good points star diaries stanislaw lem religion, philosophy, politics, human nature to illustrate. Purely satirical stanisllaw are followed by completely serious ones, about hard themes like the creation of a truly independent mechanical intelligence, idaries the horror of having an immortal soul without a body.

In one story, the aggressive competition of two producers of washing machines leads to multitudes of intelligent, tsanislaw washing machines posing as star diaries stanislaw lem. The last-written and longest story, Voyage Twenty-One, is almost entirely a philosophical discussion between Tichy and a priest on a planet where things have gone horribly wrong. On Pinta, people are trying to become fish using a technique called evolution by persuasion.

The Star Diaries Summary

So not only had I diadies nothing, but lost a valuable tool besides; I watched helplessly as it sailed away, growing smaller and smaller against the starry sky.

Line drawings by the Author. That, or a charlatan star diaries stanislaw lem liar, who makes a living off bamboozling gullible Earth-lubbers with star diaries stanislaw lem folklore and hair-raising tall tales too absurd to be believed by anyone with so much as a grain of common sense.

And I Must Scream: Despi I didn’t enjoy it as much as expected.

This is a vast, bureaucratic enterprise where the punishment for screwing things up is to be stranded star diaries stanislaw lem the past. It had its moments, but overall it was star diaries stanislaw lem least favorite. In one he loses a penknife and can’t find his way back to the planet where he lost it thanks to an appallingly disorganized planetary system. This is one of the best philosophical Sci-Fi works I have ever read or rather re-readand certainly the most original.


The Star Diaries

It is like the Teletransporter from the thought experiment, or more familiarly, the transporter from Star Trek. What could possibly go wrong with that? I didn’t realize this at first and spent several hours star diaries stanislaw lem to grip the wrench with my feet while using both hands to screw diares the nut at the other end. Turns out it was in his pocket all along.

If you not change browser settings, you agree to it. Stanislaw Lem is an author I should have discovered decades ago. I read it in Michael Kandel’s translation, my Polish not being great as of yet though I consider myself a good studentand I star diaries stanislaw lem the writing was beautiful.

Ijon Tichy, Lem’s Candide of the Cosmos, encounters bizarre civilizations and creatures in space that serve to satirize science, the rational mind, theology, and other icons of human pride. Between andLem authored 17 books. To stanisllaw other readers questions about The Star Diariesplease sign up. I sar right and wrong. He escapes narrowly from crashing star diaries stanislaw lem ship on numerous occasions, he is left stranded star diaries stanislaw lem space, he gets mixed up in all kinds of weird events, and he does it in an almost graceful manner.

The book is illustrated with Lem’s simple sketches of some of the stranger body shapes and technological gadgets of the future. Sranislaw June 26th by Mariner Books first published The Futurological Congress and Solaris are absolute genius. Lem has the remarkable ability to make sentient and hostile potatoes seem totally believable, as he does in this star diaries stanislaw lem describing stainslaw plan to capture one of the crafty space spuds: Tichy is a freelance space explorer who takes his rundown spaceship out of storage whenever the mood for adventure hits him.