The SP AC Generator – A High Efficiency Generator. Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site. 12 Jul SP AC Generator Researcher’s Kit. Kit includes plans and step by step video showing you how to put it all together. Easy to assemble!.

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The plans are s;500 sp500 ac generator and are packed with sp500 ac generator photo’s, drawings and instructions that are easy to follow. This engine does not run on any type of gasoline, oil or any other combustible fuel. This is a new project of ours, just showing people a demo of our progress.

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SP500 AC Generator Kit

Ryden Dual Carbon Battery. I wonder if my amp measurement is correct. Easy To Build Yourself!

I dont think your device is a scam. Find all posts by ewizard.

Find all posts by gyula. Their version is a single phase generxtor would be pretty poor in efficiency. Originally Posted by Mark Gyula in the first post he states volts at. Can ship out as quick as 45 — 59 working days or by e-mail. I believe the motor is on the right side with sp500 ac generator big coil and the big magnet assembly on the rotor. Great for many high voltage projects. We have made it easy for you to build at home.

Ted Ewert Silver Member. Sp500 ac generator initial uses of sp500 ac generator technique are however a little mis-described, since it’s actually making minute shapes Ill post that result for hopefully a more accurate power reading. We are no longer allowed to sell the kits, but we do sell a few of the parts and the plans, Please contact us for more details.


Find all posts by dubsta. Find all posts by TeslaTech. Buy Now Please notice: Find all posts by Ted Ewert. Plans or videos can be downloaded or sent to you by air mail, or both. Looks like a Newman motor with a pulse motor or generator. We make these specially designed coils by hand, so please allow about sp500 ac generator to 40 working days for delivery. But you the buyer can do anything you like with the kit, just as long sp500 ac generator it is for your own personal home use.

But ten downloads max makes it basically useless. Im also using another component that is outside the recomended value in the plans. Also, the 1hp commercial Ironhorse DC motor runs about watts full load.

By the way, I’m very new to this idea.

The Fuelless Engine – Revolution-Green

Could you check it with David Waggoner, please? A breakthrough in AC – DC generator design! Find all posts by Jim Bromely. SF Bay Area Posts: I have alot of faith in a high voltage pulsed DC engine.

I got my doubts also, this Page use the same Logos as an Sp500 ac generator Spammer. You build and use at your own sp500 ac generator.


Not sure, if the Sp500 ac generator are the same Person as the one, what did host the Homepage Fuellesspower. If they’d like to prove their claims here then I’d welcome the proof. Like making ten thousand earth batteries to power your home would cost more than solar etc. Or you can purchase some of the parts from us. That will generatog sp500 ac generator only way to test if the power to the shaft is greater than the input power.

The more people we get building these free energy devices for their own use, the closer we get to a free energy world!

SP AC Generator Kit – SP AC Generator – Free Energy Motors and Generators

That is up to you the backyard researcher what you want to try and do with our invention. Our Fuelless Engine video demonstrates our low horsepower motor as well as our high horsepower motor, and can be purchased on CD, DVD format.

We tested many different types of coils until we found the most high efficient way to make them. Anyone sp500 ac generator info on what is in the pyramid here?

Motor Full Load v 2v. The following was sent sp500 ac generator me by one of our readers for comment.