Soulbury Commission, commission sent by the British government to Ceylon ( now Sri Lanka) in to examine a constitutional draft prepared by the. After the independence in 04 February up to Sri Lanka was ruled under the Soulbury Constitution. In the first Sri Lankan made constitution was. J- Government on the changes proposed in the constitution of Ceylon headed by Lord Soulbury, which visited the island early in the year to examine.

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The Kandyans proposed a Federal scheme where the Up-country region, the Low-country, and the North would be three federal states. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, this merely meant that they did not appear before the commission in public or “official” sittings.

To remove the sentence that mentioned the limit of the re-election of the President and to propose the appointment of a parliamentary council that decides the appointment of independent posts like commissioners of election, human rights, and Supreme Court judges.

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This usually meant they had to cross over to the opposition if they wanted to assert their independence even on a single issue. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. However, the Senate instituted by the Soulbury Constitution was set up as though to ensure that it had no independent identity. Their suggestions were rejected by the commissioners who found no merit in the federal proposals. Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson.

Page one of the Constitution. Ivor Jennings, in regard to the Indian citizenship act.

The commissioners also recommended inclusion of provisions relating to communal discrimination. It was therefore, constitutionally required that the minister of justice along with at least one other minister be from the Senate. To replace the Sri Lankan Constitution of This Constitution will declare Ceylon to be a free, sovereign and independent Republic pledged to realise the objectives of a socialist democracy; and it will also secure fundamental rights and freedoms to all citizens.


The British cosntitution Jane Russell argues that the official boycott of the Soulbury Commission by the Board of Ministers led by Senanayake was a “statesman-like action, if not a diplomatic coup. The appointment of a commission was made on July 5, Pearl Harbor attack, December 7,surprise aerial attack on the U. This was assisted by the manner in which the senators were chosen.

Constitution of Sri Lanka – Wikipedia

Senanayake managed to put together a coalition, consisting of his own United National Party with which S. Inwith the general election to the new parliament scheduled for August—SeptemberSenanayake once again pressed Whitehall for a more precise date for Dominion Status. Senanayake’s speech in proposing the motion of acceptance made reference to the minorities and said “throughout this period the Ministers had in view one objective only, the attainment of maximum freedom. Join 3, other followers.

Civil War Sri Lanka Portal. Retrieved from ” https: Bashar al-Assad, faced an constotution challenge to its…. The struggle for Independence in Ceylon had been fought on “constitutionalist” lines rather than on the strongly confrontational approach that had developed in British India. The State Council it had set woulbury achieved a eoulbury but by the forties the Sri Lankan political leadership wanted more.

Soulbury Commission |

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. We devised a scheme that gave heavy weight to the minorities; we deliberately protected them against discriminatory legislation. An important piece of legislation, enacted inand modified inwas the Indian Citizenship act, which limited citizenship to Indian workers who had at least 10 years of residence in the country [8] This was similar to the requirement which was then current in most European countries.

Another major point of criticism has been the lack of considerations or safeguards made for the country’s minority communities and their basic rights, including religion and language- the new constitution having largely done away with the few such provisions present in the previous one.


Elections Elections Political parties Last election Next election. Commission, in political science, a multiheaded body created to perform a particular function, whether it be administrative, legislative, or judicial in nature. constltution

Constitution of Sri Lanka

He joined the cabinet of D. Appointment of President’s Counsel. Similarly in Ceylon, under the Soulbury Constitution, there was a governor-general as head of state who was appointed by the king on the advice of the prime minister.

Yet this effort to ensure continuity meant only that, if the government changed, for a couple of years it could expect dogmatic hostility from the Senate given the oppositional nature of the political culture that had developed. It was promulgated on 22 May It is Sri Lanka’s second republican constitution, replacing the Sri Lankan Constitution ofits third constitution since the country received autonomy cobstitution the British Commonwealth as the Dominion of Cinstitution inand its fourth constitution overall.

Help us improve this article! Many groups who opposed the move towards independence, notably British business groups, certain church dignitaries criticized the rapid moves in what they termed “lack of consultation”. The constitution changed the country’s name to Sri Lanka from Ceylon, and established it as an independent republic.

The main opposition party at the time, the United National Party UNPvoted against the constitution’s adoption on the following grounds: As Prime MinisterBandaranaike convened a number of committees to draft a new constitution, including a drafting committee chaired by the Minister for Constitutional Affairs, Colvin R.