Nicolaas ‘Siener’ van Rensburg from South Africa ( – ). (From the book Words of a Prophet by Adriaan Snyman ). World Prophecies. Visions of. Siener van Rensburg: Blaas Die Basuin [Adriaan Snyman] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the back cover: In hierdie nuwe boek. SIENER VAN RENSBURG BOEK EBOOK – Full Text of South African Best Seller ” Voice of a Prophet” by the Seer Van Rensburg Foreword by the English.

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We just need to trust in Him. He loves all people and wants to redeem all people. Stick sieher the truth, its the only way!

Siener van Rensburg

Our Calvinist religion also had brought a very eschewed way of thinking, which is legalistic, fundemantalist and devoid of grace. I have talked to some from South Africa, and there is more to this. Despite gaining fame as a the Seer since the War of Freedom, Van Rensburg received no mercy from the prison authorities. Part of it is torn off and disappears — but not one will escape Arriving home, the Seer first went to warn his parents, who were living in the original house at Rietkuil as well as some of the neighbouring farmers to leave the area immediately, as the English were on their way to plunder their homes and capture their women and children.

Marianne said this on October 11, at 1: Siener mentioned the majority of black people to be good folks and he never would have said that if he really was anti-black or racist, for that matter. In renwburg event of British South Africa being declared partly or fully independent, the Governor of the Kaiser of German South West Africa will apply all vaj to have the State or States acknowledged thus and have them included in the general signing of peace.


Soon the fuse that will set the whole country alight, will densburg lit This means that there needs to be a South African majority that does not want the ANC in and eiener whites are in the minority they will have to vote along side black people who also do not want the ANC in power.

Pieter said this on October 8, at 2: The blessing you will get from recieving hospitality offered to you as genuine relatioships are forged in the local church is not the food he gives you or the blessing of being in his house but something that comes from the Holy Spirit in such fellowship.

The question is — why did Paul Vab believe this and why did he repeat it to his people on so many occasions? This kept her busy from dawn to dusk daily so that eleven year old Cornelius had to stand in the queue at the rations store to receive the family rations.

He knew he was the bearer of bad news which would affect the life of his dear friend and national favourite and he wanted to convey it personally. She wrote down the visions in a school vaan book. Look at the Government troops advancing! With the outbreak of World War IIthe collections of visions were considered inflammatory.

This insinuates that the Russians assume the technology is there to protect Germany from Russia. Sadly, at this late hour, we still have those opposing the Biblical requirement for being reborn and people want to proclaim Jesus but from their religious perspective only.

Niklaas Van Rensburg: Die Siener (Afrikaans, Paperback)

At another time he spoke of Indians causing a lot of trouble and of him staring down the barrel of a gun from India. As servant and prophet this gift was from God and had to be used in service of his people, the Boer nation. If it is not De Wet, then possibly it could be Conroy. Your leader must have been reading the bible.

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We discovered the reason for our men being shot in the head — we wore white hatbands which they used as targets! The death of Nelson Mandela to a new and more balanced government: This book is still on the banned list in South Africa.

Are we not supposed, as the Bible teaches, to be impartial and to welcome all true believers? But biblically speaking, if both huband and wife are believers then it is not a mixed marriage though one be black and one be white.

For some inexplicable reason they never attacked and as she looked she saw them turn and run away as if they were frightened by something or somebody. Just like the Biblical patriarchs, their whole way of life was subjected to the Will of God.

Boy Mussmann, who lived in Vryburg, the following: No sooner had we arrived in Schweizer-Reneke when Parliament decided to invade German South West with the help of volunteers. To facilitate understanding of the symbols which he used, a complete list will be found elsewhere in this book. Read Acts 15 as it gives some background on this. With that there must also be awakened in all of us, especially in the whites, the ability to recieve from our brethren also, even to recieve gifts from our poorer brethren.

After the signing of the treaties we were transferred from Nabas and Ukamas to Jerusalem where the last horses were distributed among ourselves.