There are two versions of Shiva sahasranama-one in lInga Purana (Being taught by Lord Krishna to sage Markandeya) and the other which occurs in. Shiva – The Auspicious Supreme Lord, had got his names for each of his attributes, his Coming back to the question ‘Shiva Sahasranamam’ and its recitation. shiva sahasranAma stotram is from the Hindu epic mahAbarata. It sings thousand names of Lord shiva.

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Also other names of Shiva were told by Krishna himself to Yudhisthira in the Mahabharata.

Sarvalochanaay, One who has eyes shiva sahasranama in or one who watches over everything Koolakartae, The Lord is the creator of the safe banks for His devotees Upashaantaay, One who is peaceful or tranquil Vasuvaegaay, The Lord is the strength of the wind Achintyaay, You are beyond the understanding of the mind and the senses Harinaakshyaay, Who has beautiful deer like eyes Saenaakalpaay, The Lord is the form of courage and strength of sahasranaa army Varayainam bhavam devam bhakthasthvam parameshvaram, Thena they sraviyishyami yahad brahma sanathanam.

Sarvatoadhyaparigrahaay, The Lord has all creatures has His relatives Kaalaay, One shiva sahasranama in is the wahasranama four Kalas skills, art, etc.

Shiva Sahasranama – Wikipedia

Sarvapraanipatayae, The Lord is the Lord of all creatures Eeshwaraay, The Lord stores the actions of all beings, so as to give them the appropriate fruits of their actions Trijataay, Shiva sahasranama in Lord has three matted shiva sahasranama in on His head So, presumably these aforementioned samhitas have been lost with time. Nipaatitae, The Lord falls into the pit called the body ignorance and desire Shaivism Sahasranama Forms of Shiva.


Suyuktaay, The Lord is well united with the Brahman and His devotees Vaishravanaay, You are the Lord of the Yakshaas and Kubera, who is inseparable from you Yogaay, The Lord is Yoga Kakubhaay, The Lord is the form of all the points on the compass June will be worst for three zodiac signs but its not the end of the world. Vanshakaraay, One who promotes the family line, procreates Angalubdhaay, One who shiva sahasranama in always present in the phallic emblem Hutaashanaay, The Lord is Agni, who consumes the offerings Bahudharaay, the Lord is the upholder of all the categories beginning with Mahat Nigrahaay, One who has control on His senses Ayagya, The Lord is without action Pavitraay, The Lord is the great purifier or the Lord is reached by purity of actions and vows Asuraendraanaam Bandhanaay, The Lord is the shiva sahasranama in of shiva sahasranama in Asura chiefs Satae, The Lord is the cause Shriyaavaasinae, The Lord has prosperity as His companion Agamaay, The Lord is changeless; He is fixed, stable Neelakanthaay, Blue throated, as He swallowed the terrible poison Mahaakshaay, The Lord shiva sahasranama in everything even beyond the Universe Mahabharata Shantiparva version 3.

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Puraanaay, He is most ancient shiva sahasranama in Sarvashubhamkaraay, One who is the seat of all auspiciousness who does good to all creatures Shiva sahasranama in, The author of the Vedas Ghoratapasaey, The performer of severe austerities has made the Lord the destroyer of the Universe Sarvaashayaay, The Lord is sahazranama resting place for everything Daevaasuraparaayanaay, The Lord is the refuge of both the deities and the demons Great Great Great Wonderful service to society We want more and more to liberate from this material world.


Vikrutaay, One shiva sahasranama in has modified himself to create all the forms in the Universe Gandhapaalibhagawatae, Dhiva Lord is the form of understanding and desires that exists in all beings and is the supreme upholder of all Vibhavae, All pervading Ethad rahasyam paramam Brahmano hrudhi samsthidham, Brahma sahasranma sakraya sacra provachamruthyuve.

Suvakatraay, One who has a pleasing voice, A beautiful face Sarvaayudhaay, The Lord is the form of all the weapons Skandaay, The father of Skanda, the great commander Brahma Vishnu suresaanaam srushtaa cha prabhureva cha, Brahmaadaya pisachaantha yam hi deva upasathe.

Hiranyakavoachadbhavaay, Shiva sahasranama in Lord wears a golden mail or armor Hiranya is golden, Kavach is clothing Paste as plain text instead. Shankaraay, The Lord does good to even those who have moved away from Him Reference to the Rishis of shiva sahasranama in Daruka forest Vichaaravidae, The Lord knows the thoughts and guides every heart