eCATT (extended Computer Aided Test Tool) is an SAP Testing Tool used to automate & test business scenarios in SAP R/3. Each test that was executed on. eCATT is a tool for software test automation developed by SAP. eCATT offers a graphical user interface with ABAP script editor and its own command syntax. I would like to share some of my experiences with eCATT, in which am currently Aided Test Tool (eCATT) which is built is testing tool to test SAP system.

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If you feel comfortable with this method you can also use it.

After developing as number of scripts I found one simple method to develop these test scripts. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Please Signup to remain Informed of New Blogs!

You can see the below screen:. Looping through the records count number of times and reading from the internal table and passing them to the screen field values.

It is only a test tool.

Sap ecatt consultant Jobs | Glassdoor

Use this code and try for MM01 for Basic view. Views Read Edit View history. After declaring all the parameter it will look like this. To upload the test data file follow the eccatt given. Here in this example I have considered a simple recording process.


SAP eCATT Step by Step Guide

It is always preferred to name the custom script name by starting with Z or Y. This will take you to the command interface which look like, To assign the screen field values double click on the ‘FIELD’.

So in precise in this article you will see what eCATT is, how we can use it; how we can load a test data from a file in 4. With this we have finished recording Now let us see the ecwtt declaration, assignment and programming part. Index to read next from the file.

Select the material views, organizational elements as required and follow the views of the material master. Please send us your questions, comments or assistance, and our team would be eecatt to assist you.

Now let us see the variable declaration, assignment and programming part. Choose ‘ Yes ‘. How to load test data from a file in 4. To send comments, suggestions. This method makes assignment easier. Here we will consider Stock Loading scenario. System will start recording the Transaction. It is not recommended to run eCATTs in production environment as it will lead to database changes.

eCATT Tutorial and Step-by-Step Guide

Use information on this site at your own risk. Indicates changes ecayt the sub screen, or field selected for recording in test script run. After changing the values the interface look like this. So we need to declare some intermediate variables they are.


And their respective technical screen field values are. This is very simple ABAP code. To develop a test script in eCATT we need to follow the following steps, 1. This sample code explains how to read, and pass values to the screen. There is a very good web blog on eCATT in sdn. Any suggestions and improvements towards this document will always be welcomed. Please note that data ecagt test file should resemble the order of the elements in the internal table.

The ssap, who implements these programs, have to be sure that eatt damage does not happen. By using split screen now you can navigate through various screens you are recorded and replace the fixed values with variables. I am giving sample code to get the number of records from file in eCATT. Holds file path of the test data file.

Sap ecatt consultant Jobs

You can find very good documentation in sdn. If you have any doubts do feel free to mail me. Have a question on SAP? This article needs additional citations for verification. Languages Deutsch Edit ssp. Initial screen’ will appear.

You can do any complex recording. Repeat the above step with all the screen field values.