3 Jun SadhinChenE O Manasa- Lyrics. Music becomes divine when the bhavas or meanings are understood in its real sense and when emotions. Sadhinchane . Ragam – Arabhi ; Talam – Adi3; 29th Mela Janyam Pallavi Oh heart! he has done what he wanted to! Anupallavi He preached ideals but he. Lyrics for Sadhinchane by Sanjay Subrahmanyan & Unnikrishnan.

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You patiently waited and accepted my worship. Newer Post Older Post Home. The greatest of great! Aadi 29 deera – shankaraabharaNam janya Aa: You have bright crown and earings! Oh lotus eyed Kanna! Listen and feel the ecstasy what the saint felt so many years ago. You thought me that I should not mix with those who do not love god. One with sweet words! Oh one with pure body! Samayaniki thagu mataladenesad bhakthula nadatha litkanan, Amarikagaa naa pooja kaanena alugavadhanene 2.

Music becomes divine when the bhavas or meanings are understood in llyrics real sense and when emotions start erupting within every soul. The lord of Raghuvamsha!!

Translations of some songs of Carntic music: Sadhinchane oh Manasa

One equal to Indra among men! These songs are in Telugu language, to make the listener know its meaning a translation of the Kritis is given in word format. One who is brave in this world stage; father of the sacred Ganges ; Totally devoted to classical music from birth to youth]. Hi, Why not post some music with these lyrics? One who, unable to fulfill the wishes of shepherdess teased them. Vanithala sada sokka jechunu Mrokkajese parmathmu dathiyugakka Yasodha thanyudanchu mudhambunanu Mudhu betta navvuchundu hari 5.


He produced the sacred Ganga. The style adopted in this krithi is very sweet in comparison to the other four kirthanas. He told me not to bother about people not interested, He asked me to tolerate everythingeven if I am in distress, For he is the one who grants pleasure of Samadhi, To Thyagaraja, without coming near him. You show immense love to your great devotees, You are an ocean of good qualities without any sin, I am nurturing in my lotus heart the fond hope that you will remove the problems of Kaliyugathroughout the lifespan.

He removes the suffering in this Kaliyuga. He has love for his devotees. You asked me not to be angry. He has spoken according to the time and place! Oh the one above everything! Bodinchina SanMargava chana mula. You asked me not to be angry. Unknown December 25, at 6: You are the paramatma who charmed the shepherd women and made them worship you.

Oh Lord of Tirupati!! Aarabhi 29th mela janyam. Not to be angry. He speaks words suitable to each occasion, He has told how a good lyrcis should behave, And accepted my worship done in a proper manner And told me never to be afraid 2. The hardships in Kaliyuga.


music2eternity: SadhinChenE O Manasa- Lyrics

He is worshipped by Sanaka, Sanadhana munis. While I was praising you like this, Oh Lord praised by Tyagaraja! Dweller in the hearts of good people! Oh Lord of Tirupati!! He knows good and bad. The lord who prescribed and identified the mark of a good man! Charanam – He had spoken according to time and situation! He accepted my aradhanas. Hare ramachandra raghu kulese mrudhu bhasha Sesha sayana para naree sodha raja viraja thuraga Rajaraja vinutha niramayava Ghana saraseeruha dalaksha, Yanuchu veu konnanu thaa brovukanu 7.

Newer Post Older Post Home. He asked me not to be angry.

Melodious music has the power to invoke lyris within us like jubilant or tranquility. You reside in the hearts of good persons! You patiently waited and accepted my worship You asked me not to be angry. You thought me to be patient in the face of adversities; You gave the virtue of controlling the senses and meditating peacefully. Great blog with lyrics.

He is an ocean of good qualities, flawless. He advised me to bear my sufferings. The greatest of great! This pancharathna krithi has been well set on the easiest of ragas, Arabhi.