22 Dec Farrah Gray went from being on public assistance to becoming a millionaire by the time he was 14 years old. In “Reallionaire: Nine Steps to. Title: Reallionaire: nine steps to becoming rich from the inside out. Author: Gray, Farrah, Personal Author: Gray, Farrah, Publication Information. 8 Dec Farrah Gray became a millionaire at just 15 years old. he talks with NPR’s Tavis Smiley about his book, Reallionaire: Nine Steps to Becoming.

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Teen Millionaire Farrah Gray: ‘Reallionaire’

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Trump forces Jeff Sessions out amid criticism over Russia recusal. Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp are engaged. I must have been a sight, walking leisurely to my gate in a suit and tie and carrying a Wall Street Journal or a Japanese self-help book.

Since we took our first breath people have been telling us what to do, havent they? Because they afrrah that nobody should be given anything — and even more importantly, they didn’t perceive that they’d be getting value in return.

That’s why I have a saying in my office: Fueled by his desire to help his family, especially his single, workaholic mother, Gray is virtually unstoppable; real,ionaire with rejection, he tries something else. I have watched the Author speak live in Lagos on invitation by MTN Nigeria and I even met him after the event and I can say his persoanlity exudes an inspiring aura. Reallionaire tells Farrah’s extraordinary and touching story.


It’s that resilience that comes through most clearly, reinforced with chapter-ending “Real Points” and “Reallionaire Exercises.

Eventually I was somewhat adopted by the flight attendants.

According to People magazine, Farrah is the only African-American teenager to rise from public assistance to a business mogul without being in entertainment or having a family connection. He taught me the importance of developing my body along with my mind. I have seen wealthy individuals walk past a homeless person hold- ing out a cup. And if I wasn’t on a fwrrah, I was on the telephone making a deal. The fox did everything in his power to track the rabbit but could never seem reallionxire catch him.

Excerpt: ‘Reallionaire: Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out’

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She was like a former heavyweight boxer.

Some people feel it’s foolish to give unless you’re getting something in return. This does not devalue the book in any way, but if you are seriously planning steps toward a new business venture or ascension in your career life, then I would recommend this book for you.

Reallionaire: Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out by Farrah Gray

Apr 22, Lindia Palupi rated it it was amazing. Read excerpts from “Reallionaire: Amon Poston rated it it was amazing Aug 29, He wears a suit and tie; he has an office on Wall Street and another one in Los Angeles.

Farah is a young man of true character and integrity, and we surely haven’t heard the last of him.

Head reallonaire collision between 2 buses kills 47 in Zimbabwe. I was suddenly thrust into a world known only to the elite. My workout time is more than me building my physical body. Often, after the plane crew checked into their hotel rooms for their overnight stay, they would appear in my audience in uniform.


Reallionaire Quotes by Farrah Gray

The following items were successfully added. Farrah Gray is no ordinary teenager. Although the book is punctuated with what he calls Real Points for realpionaire and exercises for things like building a great team and seizing opportunities, the real inspiration is his personal story, which speaks strongly of the importance of mentoring to young people and sends the message that you should never underestimate anyone, especially yourself.

Books of the Week. Excerpts Sit up straight. Library Locations and Hours. At the age of eight, he founded his first business club. Sean Crawford rated it really liked it Sep 25, Jan 20, Sbb1 Eco-friendly Functional Art rated it it was amazing.

Apr 09, Arie K. A man once told me on the way to New York, “Can’t say I see many passengers like you up here. Thats not true giving. I learned early in my life that the real gift is in the giving.