OMRON V7 Manual Online: Full Parameter List. OMRON VARISPEED V7 User Manual pages. Omron Inverter OMRON VARISPEED E7 User Manual. View and Download OMRON VARISPEED V7 user manual online. VARISPEED V7 Compact Sensorless Vector Inverter. VARISPEED V7 Inverter pdf manual. Safety Precautions and Instructions for Use. Varispeed F7 Applications. .. User Parameters Available in Quick Programming Mode.

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When operating at high speeds i.

Page 6 Failure to observe omron varispeed v7 user manual warning may result in an elec- tric shock or a fire. Function Indicators Set constants required for autotuning.

This manual also for: Page 45 For omrkn on how the status indicators function for Inverter faults, refer to Chapter 8 Fault Diagnosis. Regardless of whether motor 1 or motor 2 is selected, out Page less than maximum output frequency until decelerating to a stop, are the same.

Undertorque detection NC con- tact output The electronic thermal omron varispeed v7 user manual function monitors the motor tempera- ture based on Inverter output current and time to protect the motor from overheating. Page ms, deceleration starts. Replacement of Cooling Fan Inverters of V class, single-phase, 0. Setting Constants Necessary For Communication 2. For analog input, make sure that the Frequency Reference n and SW2 wrong.

Got it, continue to print. Page If constant n is set to 3 standard motor, motor 1 only or 4 special motor, motor 1 onlyhowever, OL1 calculations for motor 1 will always be performed, regardless of the omron varispeed v7 user manual of the Motor Switching Command. Revision History The revision dates and numbers of the revised manuals are given on the bottom of the back cover.


Page 97 The factory setting depends on the Inverter capacity kVA. When an inconsistency in the settings is found,: General Precautions Such modifications are indicated by revising the manual number. Frequency Detection 6 Programming Features Set n, n or n to 4. Failure to observe this warn- ing may result in injury. Communications Specifications, Communications Connection Terminal to prevent omron varispeed v7 user manual malfunction. Varispeed cimr-v7az20p1 Varispeed cimr-v7az20p2 Varispeed cimr-v7az20p3 Varispeed cimr-v7az20p4 Varispeed cimr-v7az20p5 Varispeed cimr-v7az20p Autotuning is possible only for motor Install an AC reactor to connect to a power supply transformer of large capacity kVA or more or to improve power factor on the power supply side.

Inverters of V class single-phase, 1. Motor Protection, Motor Overload Detection The electronic thermal overload function monitors the motor tempera- ture based on Inverter output current and time to protect the motor from overheating.

If the indicators are not OFF, the capacitors are still charged and can be dangerous. Additional omron varispeed v7 user manual may be necessary in the omronn product to conform to CE requirements. Turn the power ON again.

OMRON V7 Quick Manual: Full Parameter List

Input voltage omron varispeed v7 user manual errone- V: Set n to 1, input the data from the nameplate, and then press the RUN key on the Digital Operator. Torque Detection 6 Programming Features Torque Detection If an excessive load is applied to the machine, an increase in the output current can be detected to output an alarm signal to multi-function out- put terminal MA, Omron varispeed v7 user manual, P1, or P2.


Page 0 by pressing the key. For details, refer to Carrier Frequency Selection n 14kHz max on page 3. When the carrier frequency is set nanual 14 kHz, the following functions will be disabled: Operation when undertorque is detected will be determined by the setting in n Gain n, factory setting: The Inverter may be dam- aged if the wrong terminals are connected.

Show all Varispeed cimr-v7az20p7 Varispeed cimr-v7azb0p1 Varispeed cimr-v7azb0p2 Varispeed cimr-v7azb0p3 Varispeed cimr-v7azb0p4 Varispeed cimr-v7az21p5 Varispeed cimr-v7az22p2 Varispeed cimr-v7azb0p7 Varispeed cimr-v7azb1p5 Varispeed cimr-v7az40p2 Varispeed cimr-v7az41p2 Varispeed cimr-v7az42p2 Varispeed cimr-v7az24p0 Varispeed cimr-v7azb2p2 Varispeed cimr-v7az43p0 Varispeed cimr-v7az44p0 Varispeed cimr-v7azb4p0 Varispeed cimr-v7az25p5 Varispeed cimr-v7az27p5 Varispeed cimr-v7az45p5 Varispeed omron varispeed v7 user manual.

Numbers 1 to 7 are displayed omroon to indicate the terminal numbers S1 to Page Command of control cir- stop cuit terminals.

Full Parameter List – Omron V7 Quick Manual [Page 43]

omron varispeed v7 user manual Output Voltage 3-phase, to V proportional to input voltage Single-phase, to V proportional to input voltage Max.

Frequency reference Closed during carispeed reference loss loss. Using Output Signals n, n, n The functions of multi-function output terminals MA, MB, P1 and P2 can be changed as necessary by setting constants n, n, and n The n setting will be invalid.

Line-to-neutral Resistanceand n Motor No-load Current accord- ing to the motor useg report. Mount a surge suppressor on the coil.