11 نومبر Nūr al-Īdāh (The light of clarification) is a classical text of the Hanafi school of jurisprudence. This English translation by Shaykh Wesam. Nūr al-Īdāh (The light of clarification) is a classical text of the Hanafi school of jurisprudence. This English translation by Shaykh Wesam Charkawi. Nur al-Idah is a Hanafi text which includes vast areas of jurisprudence, namely, the rulings pertaining to worship. It leaves the student or general reader well.

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From its signs are that it is bright, neither hot or cold and at the break of dawn, the sun rises without rays.

Likewise, if one undertakes a light sleep in a manner that one hears those who speak around him, then the wudu remains sound. Purification 59 Nur ul idah english eating camel meat it is recommended to make ablution. His neighbours reported that they could hear his prayers and recitation of Quran at night as he cried from the fear of God.

Following this kind of exterior nur ul idah english, they assume themselves to be masters of Islamic learning and begin criticizing nur ul idah english former Muslim Jurists. If the majority of the body is sound, then one is to wash the unharmed area englizh wipe the injured part One cannot combine the use of water and tayammum together; for example, a person cannot use water for half his arm, and perform tayammum for the other half.

Such as a camel, cow or sheep. Furthermore, to give judgment from the verbatim reading of the sunna would be equivalent idzh an untrained person performing surgery from an instruction manual.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A’ishah Allah be pleased with her reported [The Prophet would fondle and kiss some of his wives, and then would pray without making wudu]. The basis is the Prophets hadith on the matter God nur ul idah english him and give him peace. Meaning, one is to use three new handfuls of water when rinsing the nostrils. However, Abu Hanifa ejglish Muhammad maintain that it is not valid and this is the soundest view.

The Prophet God bless him and grant him peace said irah cover between the eyes of the jinn and the private parts of the children of Adam is when the person enters the lavatory, he says, “In the name of Allah”]. If not, englishh one may offer the prayer through indication i. This clearly indicates that even if an error is made it is still rewarded on the basis that the issuing of that ruling was made by one capable of performing nur ul idah english.

In addition, having the ability means to have a sufficient amount for wudu. This al applies to nur ul idah english woman who bathes alongside other women. Someone inquired who are they? In fact, it is a particular interpretation of the Sacred Law and a collection of legal rules derived from the Quran and sunna by a reliable jurist, and idxh subject-wise for the convenience of others.


If however, the water is not present with the person who promised it, or it is one mile away or more, then delaying tayammum is not required. In addition is the absence of an nur ul idah english by which to extract water from a well or another source; or fear of thirst or death upon oneself, companions or beast and so forth. If this occurred and nur ul idah english wiped the sand on his face and arms with the intention of tayammum, it is valid.

It is 1 Ibn Majah Bulugh al-Maram, 1p Moreover, if one forgets water during his journey, performs tayammum and prays, but later remembers that he has water, he is not to repeat the prayer according to Abu Hanifa and Muhammad, while Abu Yusuf held that he is to repeat it.

The question arises as to which hadith should be taken as the primary source. The Nur ul idah english view on this matter is such, so that one is free from the disagreement of the scholars, such as the view of Imam Ahmad who nur ul idah english it as a requirement.

The Prophet God bless him and grant him peaceM said [God is Ever Living and Ever Concealed from the eyes of the people, and H likes those who acquire the qualities of modesty and concealment; so whe anyone of you wants to bath, let him observe secrecy]. There are certain commandments in the Quran and sunna which are neither ambiguous or complicated and can nur ul idah english be understood by any person. The Prophet God bless him and give him nur ul idah english said [If you make wudu then interlace the fingers of your hands and feet].

Also, if one intends tayammum for the prostration of gratitude [sajda ash-Shukr], there are varying views on the issue. If the water is in a place that is circular and the circumference is engpish six arms length, it is considered a large quantity of water. Having u, ability to use the water also means one’s excuse of permitting tayammum is no longer present, such as the enemy retreating or one’s sickness has been alleviated or it is no longer cold or one has found an instrument by which to extract water, in which case tayammum is void.

Nur al-Idah – The Light of Clarification

When one finishes from cleaning the soiled area with water, the hand is to be washed for the second time and the buttocks are to be dried before standing if the person is fasting, because if one is fasting and the buttocks are wet, it may be drawn in when standing which could nullify the fast.

Obey Allah; Obey the Messenger and tlhose of authority amongst you]. For example, God says [Do not backbite]. This means that the woman uses the majority of her fingers when she begins. The proof that sleep does not invalid wudu except while lying down is the saying of the Prophet God bless him and grant him peace “Wudu is not imposed except on the one who sleeps lying down; for if one lies down, his joints and muscles relax.


According to Shafl’i it does pollute the water. As any endeavour is undertaken in translating an Islamic law book, it is possible as with all things to overlook fine points. Purification 77 For the purpose of nur ul idah english, the Hanafis stipulate three conditions in order for the intention of tayammum for prayer to nur ul idah english valid.

Linguistically, istinja is to wipe or wash the place where excrement is discharged Excrement is the term given for that which exits the bowel. The reason for this is nur ul idah english all parts nur ul idah english the pig are deemed impure, so any part of the pig that touches the water instantly renders it filthy.

Purification II that one intend the tayammum to nur ul idah english prayer permissible for himself. Abu Hanifa became famous for his genius, piety and minimal speech.

Purity must be factored in the intention in some form, as shown in the above valid intentions for prayer.

Nur al-Idah, English translation – Maktabah Mujaddidiyah

In any case, these feet coverings must hold to the feet without being tied and they must not absorb water to the skin according nur ul idah english Muhammad and Abu Yusuf. Add to Wishlist Uo to Compare Share. Someone who commits an unlawful act is deserving of punishment, while one who refrains from it out of obedience to Allah is rewarded. Purification 45 The Chapter Of Wudu Ablution The Messenger of Allah God bless him and grant him peace said, “When a person performs ablution and rinses his mouth, his wrong deeds fall from it.

nur ul idah english

This being the case, the person is exempt from having to nur ul idah english the water with respect to wudu because the majority is impure. However, in wudu a person may wipe his head with two fingers until he covers the required area, engkish this suffices. When water is mixed with a liquid substance that has characteristics, such as taste, colour and smell, the water is overwhelmed when the following occurs; there are some liquids that have two characteristics, such as milk, which has colour and taste but no smell When one of these two appears in the water, it is regarded as overwhelmed.

However, she must make ablution due nur ul idah english the wetness and dampness. And this action of taking out the water purifies the well, bucket, rope and the hand of the person cleaning the well.