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Index of /study material/COMNAVAIRFORINST B. Parent Directory · Appendix · Appendix · Appendix · Appendix · Appendix E. pdf. COMNAVAIRFORINST B. 15 May Introduction and Guide for Using the Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP) Instruction,. Overview of the. COMNAVAIRFORINST B (WITH CHANGE-1), THE NAVAL AVIATION MAINTENANCE PROGRAM (NAMP) Chapter 9 Flashcards Preview.

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R} CHAPTER 10 Naval Aviation Maintenance Program Standard Operating Procedures (NAMPSOPs)

Live video teleconference and web-based training are available upon request and can be provided to groups of any size as required. Free Toll U More information. What chapter of the Report division training and qualification status to the Maintenance Training Program Manager. The areas covered More information. Title subject of lecture. Secretary of More information.

COMNAVAIRFORINST B Naval Aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP) Jeopardy Template

Upon designation as Program Manager, a self-audit shall be performed within how many days and occur at what frequency thereafter? Airframe Maintenance Technician Airframe Maintenance Technician Program Description Practical and theoretical knowledge in 479.02b maintenance techniques, plus the special requirements of either airframe or powerplant work. What program is the title of the overall program nzmp provides the data required for the effective management of SE at all levels of aircraft maintenance?

Assign personnel required billets and collateral duties within ASM. It is supplemental information that More information. Review CSEC reports and audits to look for indications of whether additional training is required, and specifically who needs nzmp. Tool Container Change Request Figure: This shall be a joint effort between the fleet nqmp supporting training activities.


Activities using ESAMS to document safety training do not have to maintain duplicate safety training in hardcopy or electronically within other management systems Certain instructions, directives, and other information should be read by all work center members and may be routed by the AMO, division officers, or branch officers.

QPT is integrated into each enlisted maintenance technician s ongoing training continuum by recognizing, complementing and expounding upon prerequisite formal schools and NEC training. Ensure training is accomplished for both permanently assigned and TAD personnel.

Statement of Work Title: Review syllabi, lesson guides, and IMI lessons to ensure material is updated and current. This training represents a major contribution to the Navy s overall training effort and requires a systematic training program.

Instructor’s references material with which the instructor should be familiar before presenting the lecture. CDIs shall not inspect their own work and sign as inspector. Hydraulic Contamination Control Designation Figure: Ensure completed special audits are routed via appropriate program managers.

Darrell Bennett Park 2 years ago Views: Review Division Officer plans and nanp to satisfy training requirements. Once an individual is certified by the Work Center Supervisor as proficient in a task area, OJT documentation for that nammp is no longer required.

Guidelines for Evaluation of Nuclear Facility. Tool Container Shortage List Figure: Assist and advise the MO in the areas of enlisted performance, billet requirements, training, and manning 47900.2b the department.

Index of /study material/COMNAVAIRFORINST 4790.2B

Presentation narrative or outline so complete that a new or substitute instructor could conduct a satisfactory lecture. Purucker, M anager More information. This should be ed to the listed Model Manager for use during the next revision. As a condition to the use of this document and the information contained therein, the SWGDE requests.


Ensure training is 4790.2n within the work center to provide adequate knowledge of the ASM software system. June 28, Statement of Nsmp Title: Quality Manual Approval Page Document: Ensure all personnel fully participate in the training program and comply with established policies and procedures. Ensure all aspects of ASM are in compliance and meet the minimum requirements 4709.2b this instruction.

Airframe Maintenance Technician Program Description Practical and theoretical knowledge in basic maintenance techniques, plus the special requirements of either airframe or powerplant work.

Provide input to formal training courses via HPPRs that evaluate courses for content to ensure training is being accomplished based on current systems and fleet demands. Ensure audits are performed using CSEC per paragraph b. Indicate where materials can be found if not attached to the lecture. A Required Reading Cross Reference Locator Sheet shall list the location of any item not available to an individual work center or too bulky to be included.

It also allows the user to request specific IMI and track the status of the 47902.b. Participate in the assignment of senior petty officers 479.2b the department.