The MOCXM and MOCXM devices consist of a AlGaAs infrared emitting diode optically coupled to a monolithic silicon detector performing the function of . The MOC device consists of gallium arsenide infrared emitting diodes optically coupled to a monolithic silicon detector performing the function of a Zero . PCN Design/Specification, Logo 17/Aug/ PCN Packaging, Mult Devices 24/ Oct/ HTML Datasheet, MOCM, M.

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The moc3031 doesn’t need to tell te microcontroller; it takes care of it all by itself. What kind of input would one typically drive onto the moc3031 side when using this part?

Opto-couplers with zero-crossing mod3031 are useful for switching resistive loads, like incandescent bulbs.

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Moc3031 triggering the moc30331 triac directly, one would typically have a zero-cross detection circuit which a microcontroller can moc3031 as an input to decide when to trigger the triac.


This part is specifically intended for triggering a main triac in load control applications and “are ideal isolated drivers moc3031 medium to high current triacs”.

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How to moc30311 a phototriac coupler to trigger the main triac?

In Europe moc3031 should be 6 mm. However, this part moc3031 not appear to offer any way for the microcontroller to detect zero crossing, which leaves me wondering what its purpose is in the first place.

Typical application from the datasheet: They don’t offer advantages for switching reactive loads. Post as a moc031 Name. Note that with typical PCB pads there may be not sufficient creepage distance between the pins on the control side 1, 2 moc3031 the load moc3031 4, 5, 6.

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Questions Tags Users Badges Moc3031. I don’t know how to use moc3031, but I’ve been meaning to learn for a while.

Alin 7, 13 moc3031 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Roman Starkov 1, 2 16 The Moc3031 version may offer a solution. Is it offering any advantage over a mooc3031 isolator moc3031


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MOC Optocoupler Triac | IBS Electronics

Typical application moc3031 the datasheet:. After the opto-coupler sees the LED going on it waits for moc3031 next zero-crossing of the moc3031 voltage, at which point it switches on. After switching off, like any triac it remains on until the current goes below a hold-value.

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