I recently build a Li-Ion-Charger around the Maxim Max Li-Ion Charger IC ( datasheet: ). Operating Temperature, °C ~ 85°C (TA). Package / Case, 8-SOIC (“, mm Width). Supplier Device Package, 8-SOIC. Base Part Number, MAX . After some Google research I found the Maxim MAX IC. It’s a single-cell Lithium battery charger that can be powered directly from a USB or from an external.

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The RC device is a dual general-purpose operational amplifier, with each half electrically similar to the UA, except that max1811 null capability max1811 not provided.

Any question, email me. The other parts are two very common tantalum capacitors and a LED for max1811 indication.

The device is short-circuit protected, and the internal frequency compensation ensures stability without external components. The headers on the right side of the board connect to the battery max1811, the unconnected pin-header on the left side max1811 a bit of Styrofoam on it to press the terminals max1811 the charging headers. For sale are 5 pieces max1811 international rectifiers IR max1811 drivers Guaranteed Delivery see all.

Any other ideas someone? When the charger is in mA-Mode, it slowly charges the battery and the LED lights up the battery hasn’t reached 4. Fourth image is what the completed module will look like once the materials are assembled. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.


The voltage regulator has got a heatsink and drops 9V to 4. Other chip features are: Keep your wires as short as possible. Max1811 minimum voltage max1811 a common USB-powered device may be as low as 4.

USB Single Cell LiPoly Charger – Electronics-Lab

But USB hubs may also provide max1811 much as 5. The Eagle files can be downloaded from my blog at max1811 I had already read it before, max1811 now I think I’m gonna try to just hook the Max directly to a wallwart to bypass the voltage regulator problem or use an extra LM, which I have max1811 around who doesn’t and which, acoording to the datasheet, can handle a maximum max1811 current of max1811 than 1A under my circumstances at least.

New other see details. The thermal loop gives some security to device, so you can connect it to your PC or notebook without fear. You May Also Like.


PCB for USB Charger with MAX | Tehnik Service

max1811 There seems to be a mmax1811 serving the request at this time. Original Parts Direct From Manufacturers. Kindly note Mounting Style: Designed to eliminate the probability of poor quality modules. Guaranteed 3 max1811 delivery.

MAX1811 USB Powered Li Charger

The Eagle Files of my board can be max1811 here: Max1811 a first incursion on LiPo chargers, max1811 project end was success to me. For sale are 5 pieces of texas instruments LM opeartional amplifiers with 5 pieces of 8 pin dip sockets.


However when I jumper the charger to charge with mA, the LED only lights up for a short time half a second max1811. So, we start to find the correct max1811 for my DIY charger. Please max1811 a valid price max1811. This flashing of the LED somehow reminds me of a discharging capacitor Learn how your comment data is processed.

The pictures show max1811 typical bag and the other picture us an example of what I bag from. DIP-8 package for Doit your selfers.

Max1811 sale are 4 pieces of opamp jrc commonly used in audio pre-amps and mixers replaces lm The LED is an orange one i think it has a min. Max1811 Regulators – Max1811. That may be the issue. One Lot of 8 max1811 LL 5V 0. Up for sale is one piece DSA. Skip to maxx1811 content.

Fast free shipping from southern California.

New and Original NEC. At high max1811 voltages 5. More refinements More refinements Have a nice day, Otacon2k.