Biblical plants and flowers: Lycium europaeum, Lycium intricatum, Lycium mediterraneum, Boxthorn, European matrimony-vine, European tea tree, אטד אירופי. Lycium europaeum is a perennial woody deciduous member of the Lycium genus in the family Solanaceae. Taxonomy. Superdivision: Spermatophyta. Division: Angiospermae. Class: Dicotyledoneae. Family: Solanaceae. Genus: Lycium.

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It cannot grow in the shade. Plants have an extensive root system and can be planted to stabilize banks[]. The Jepson eFlora Lyciumparticularly L.

Lycium are shrubsoften thornygrowing 1 to 4 meters tall. This page has been accessed 1, times.

Lycium europaeum L. | Flora of Israel Online

Buy Seeds and Docs. Buying images for your projects will support this website. Fri Sep 15 Very easy, the suckers can be planted out direct into their permanent positions. Lycium acutifolium Lycium afrum L. Cancer is a major worldwide health europaeuj and one of the leading causes of death either in developed or developing countries.

Species name :

A list of trees, shrubs and woody climbers indigenous or naturalised in Rhodesia. If you have questions about a plant please use the Forum on this website as we do not have the resources to answer questions ourselves.


lyciuj Lycium barbarum — Barbary matrimony-vine, Chinese boxthorn, Duke of Argyll’s teaplant, goji-berry, Himalayan goji, Tibetan goji Lycium bosciifolium Lycium berlandieri Dunal — Berlandier wolfberry Lycium brevipes — Baja desert-thorn Lycium californicum — California boxthorn, California desert-thorn Lycium carolinianum Walter — Carolina desert-thorn, Christmas berry Lycium chilense Bertero Lycium chinense — Chinese teaplant, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese boxthorn Lycium cinereum — Kriedoring Lycium cooperi — peachthorn, Cooper’s wolfberry Lycium decumbens Lycium depressum Stocks Lycium eenii Lycium europaeum L.

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Buy images found europweum this large collection of Maltese flora. Cultivated for agricultural or horticultural purposes but can be found in the wild as an escapee. There are no interactions listed for Lycium europaeum.

Lycium – Wikipedia

Availability depends on season. Page Info This page was last modified on 4 Mayat lgcium Berry about 8mm in diameter; a yellow berry once known as “Lot’s lemon”. Sabonet, Pretoria and Gaborone Page Display spot characters for this species. Kindly consider support this website by giving a small donation.


Prick out the seedlings into individual pots when they are large enough to handle and grow them on in the greenhouse for their first winter. Fruit mm in diameter, red, spherical to slightly obovoid. Smartphone users quickly eiropaeum information on a plant directly for the pfaf.

Mediterranean Woodlands and Shrublands, Semi-steppe shrublands, Shrub-steppes, Deserts and extreme deserts. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Lycium.

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This QR Code is unique to this page. If you have important information about this plant that may help other users please add a comment or link below. Descendants Cultivars Varieties None listed. It is hardy eurkpaeum zone UK 9. Only the fully ripe fruits should be eaten[K].

Leaves in clusters of ; petiole ylcium lamina green, glossy above, paler beneath, sometimes semi-succulent, The plant can tolerate maritime exposure. Plant out in late spring or early summer.