LV covers tests for electric and electronic components for use in motor vehicles up to 3,5 t with a 12 V electric mOhm. Tolerances & standard values. LV Automotive test standard bij Hielkema Testequipment. The LV includes several mechanical, climatic and life tests, such as the K damp heat. ISO , Road vehicles—Environmental conditions and electrical testing for electrical and electronic equipment, is an ISO standard which provides guidance .

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LV-124/ LV-148 tests with the eTS one

The test equipment, setups and test methods used must be documented in Notes on Procedure. Climatic stamdard [4] ISO Intermitting operating mode II. Passenger car German abbreviation The system or component to be tested device under test Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Power Spectral Density Substrate without mounted parts for general electronics PCB, ceramic, leadframe, flexband etc.

The easy-to-use WaveMaster software, that is standard in scope of delivery, allows to generate waveforms by means of a graphical user interface or via tabular input. The test serves to verify the resistance of the components to humid heat. Test boundary conditions e. Brake control system Component as in parked vehicle.

ISO – Wikipedia

We also want to distinguish the modular design that allows to build up systems with up to 18 kW. It is possible to connect additional system components e. ISO standards by standard number.


At least 6 Figure 7: Safety instructions and warnings for the chemicals must be observed. Climatic loadsGeneva, Switzerland: By means of a special memory-shift technology test sequences of any length can be processed without any risk to run out of memory space.

Other definitions Ri Terminal designations f Internal resistance of the voltage source Acc. The test serves to verify the quality and reliability of the component with respect to faults caused by humid heat, e.

We also want to distinguish the modular design that allows to build up systems with up to 18 kW. With a comfortable macro editor and its execution, selected waveforms run sequentially.

The tolerances refer to the required measured value. This allows to build up a fully automated HIL test system. Salt spray test with operation, interior – spray phases 9. Salt spray test with operation, exterior – spray phases 9. It must be ensured that occurring voltage peaks do not lead to an overflow or cannot be measured in the case of an insufficient resolution. Extremely high bandwidth at highest power requirements, necessary for fast signals, characterizes this series. Information by e-mail Consultation by phone On-site presentation.


Unless otherwise specified, the DUTs and the chemicals must be aged in standard climate. These inputs are added in the isolation amplifier.

Functional status A Test sequence “short”: The test serves to verify functioning of the component, e. The sampling shandard must be selected so that interruptions or short circuits can be unambiguously detected.

Test pulses E Short interruptions Figure The respective ramp times between Tmax and Top, max are not included in the test duration. Follow-on current functions must also be released by the engineering department responsible for closed-circuit current management.

LV/ LV Tests – INSYS test

A distinction is made between the wtandard Anti-theft alarm No operation system when vehicle is running. The intermediate measurements must be carried out as parameter test large. The test serves to verify the resistance of the component to xtandard caused by material fatigue, such as cracks or discolorations.

The starting process may be performed under different vehicle starting conditions, cold start and warm start. The DUT must be operated in a way that maximum self-heating occurs e.