The Birchbark House has to be one of the most beautifully written, lyrical books I’ ve ever read. Louise Erdrich has a way with words that is just. The Birchbark House. Louise Erdrich, Author, Louise Erdrich, Illustrator, Louise Erdich, Author Hyperion Books $ (p) ISBN THE BIRCHBARK HOUSE. Louise Erdrich, Author, Louise Erdrich, Illustrator, Louise Erdich, Author. Hyperion $ (p) ISBN

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The Birchbark House by Louise Erdrich

It makes an excellent read-aloud choice for children as young as third grade and should appeal to youngsters all the way up through seventh, at least.

Through them, the reader is introduced to Ojibwe culture, tradition and language. I thought it was well worth the read. This was just wonderful children’s historical fiction. This band of Ojibwa old name: Erdrich’s first novel for young people, written in the early 21st century, parallels Wilder’s stories in many ways. If your kid hasn’t dealt with death in books yet then they may not be quite ready for this one yet. Though, the heartbreak that happens in the beginning is to characters you don’t know yet, so it may be fine for kids.

What animals does Omakayas come across and which one does she specifically have as a pet? Suitable erddrich late elementary or middle school readers.

Detailed and accurate stories about Native Americans are sadly hard to find, so this book would be a treat even for adults. Overall, The Birchbark House is a very descriptive book, thanks to Omakayas and her observations. The following are the characters most of the novel is centered on. Thank you for your feedback. I ended up edrrich this book because the characters, human and non-human, are so memorable and the description of the way these people live is so vivid, and so fascinating.


She kept hoping that we’d meet the baby bears again, and was not disappointed. Omakayas, is a seven year old Ojibwa girl and we follow her and her adopted family for four seasons in and this includes a smallpox outbreak, which decimated the tribe. With The Birchbark Houseaward-winning author Louise Erdrich’s first novel for young readers, this same slice of history is seen through the eyes of the spirited, 7-year-old Ojibwa girl Omakayas, or Little Frog, so named because her f Nineteenth-century American pioneer life was introduced to thousands of young readers by Laura Ingalls Wilder’s beloved Virchbark House books.

I especially liked the bits that explain how Omakayas’s community does things like make their houses, create their food cache, etc.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In much the same way, the The Birchbark House does the same for the Ojibwa.


Omakayas is an intense, strong, likable character to whom erdrichh readers will fully relate–from her mixed emotions about her siblings, to her discovery of her unique talents, to her devotion to her pet crow Andeg, to her budding understanding of death, life, and her role in the natural world.

We learn how they survive on their Island of the Golden-Breasted Woodpecker.

When Old Tallow tells Omakayas the story her survival, it becomes clear that the year that has just passed was a year of growth and maturity for the young girl, one that leads a path to the possibility that she could eventually become a healer among the Ojibwe.

Hojse author’s softly hewn pencil drawings infuse life and authenticity to her poetic, exquisitely wrought narrative.

Around the middle is when things get interesting but extremely sad. Why is he different than the rest of their tribe? He says little and appears ill.


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Randomly Reading: The Birchbark House by Louise Erdrich

There were times when my heart leapt, and there was one particular talent that tugged at my heartstrings and left me feeling so sad and desolate that I had to read on in the hopes that something happy would happen again soon. Neewo prefers Omakayas to his other siblings. The smallpox was so hard to read about. Her voice was stern, but there was an ache in her look that Omakayas had never before seen. Chanel idk it is crazy thought.

This book would be a perfect way for young readers to branch out and explore different cultures, as well as different time periods. We first meet the main character, Omakayas, age seven, as she and her grandmother, Nokomis, search for birch bark for the birchbark house they will live in until next fall.

The Birchbark House

They had such distinct personalities, and I know that I, for one, want to read more about this family.

When the family and community are suffering through the smallpox epidemic she steps up to help the community survive the rough winter. Nineteenth-century American pioneer life was introduced to thousands of young readers by Laura Ingalls Wilder’s beloved Little House books.

In other words, he is attempting to learn the English alphabet to better aid communication and treaty negotiations with the whites. I love that the author researched and wrote birvhbark story after learning about one of her early ancestors in the tribe. Sign up for our Free Newsletter. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.