Konstantinovo raskršće – strip. likes. Adaptacija istoimene knjige u strip. Scenario: Dejan Stojiljković. Crtež: Dragan Paunović. Vanja Bulić () čitav radni vek je proveo kao novinar u pisanim i elektronskim medijima. Za televiziju je uradio više od dve i po hiljade jednočasovnih emisija. stvari zavladace svetom Ista legenda kaze da se treca sveta relikvija nalazi na Balkanu, na jugu zemlje koju potresa gradjanski Prema legendi, klinovi kojima je .

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The Trap is a ionstantinovo crime movie. Submit a new link. Looking for good movies and novels in Serbian. Do not post content that doesn’t have anything to do with Serbia as a country and geographic territory or has little to do with Serbia.

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Submit a new text post. So, you’re looking for “described video” and audio books, then? Off the top of my head: Al dobro brate, svako svome.

Please and thank you. If anyone has suggestions apart from A Serbian FilmI’m all ears.

Also, check out The time of miracles – great historical fiction. Hopefully I can offer a suggestion from a non-Serb point of view.


It’s sort of a dark comedy, the backdrop is a fictionalized version of the NATO komstantinovo of Belgrade historical fictionand it’s a little easier to understand because a lot of the dialog is in English.

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Insane science fiction, first one is like Matrix if Neo was US president candidate and second one is zombie apocalypse on steroids. Although that’s pretty good too.

Al reko, ipak, ne sudi o piscu po jednoj knjizi. Please read the rules belowif you have any questions feel free to contact mods by clicking here.

It’s the most controversial Serbian movie for sure, but I’d argue it’s nowhere near good, let alone one of the best movies representative of Serbian cinema.

Konstantinovo raskršće

Clickbait articles should be given a simple unbiased title. Want to add to the discussion? I recommend a movie called Pad u Raj – Falling into Paradise. One of the best history fiction movies is Underground Do you like satire? Best Serbian novel is “The bridge on the Drina”, historical fiction about a bridge in Bosnia and multiethnic relations, if you’re into that.


I learned the language a few years ago and struggled to find media I could understand and enjoy, as well.

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Pretty much the best movie we’ve ever produced. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of rasjrsce User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Do Not post low effort Memes even if they are closely related to Serbia.

Do not change the original title of videos or other content. Do not insult other users, make personal attacks, flamewar, or flamebait.

Diskusija Fiction for a non-Serb? Do not post links that require account for viewing the content you linked Facebook etc.

konstantinovo raskrsce knjiga pdf to word – PDF Files

Do not editorialize non-clickbait titles in any way, shape, or form. No other movie captures the entire post-WW2 situation as well as Underground. Cuz we got satire: Expanded and explained rules and general guidelines available in English and Serbian.