Material from a Nazi publication on the victory over France. The source: “Zerstörer kämpfen über London” and “Alarm in Birmingham,” Bomben auf Engeland. Kleine Kriegshefte Nr. 8 (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP. aus der Reihe Kleine Kriegshefte die Nummer 2 *Drauf und dran! Unsere Luftwaffe am Feind* und Nummer 10 *Gegen England in Nordafrika!*, gesamt 2 Stück.

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Every barrel of English flak spits death and destruction into the night sky. There are examples of spliced-together photographs, Roosevelt’s lies and four different press versions of the fall of the Russian city of Kiev. These two articles keine published in the ninth of a series of booklets on the war.

Rightly handled, our Me makes an excellent glider.

There may be nearly inexhaustible reserves or a planned increase in production that will continue during the war. Our head kriegsgefte, the commander was up in front, then me, and behind us the whole group.

It was recently revealed that the former Jewish Minister President Leon Blue had given armaments orders to a Jewish metal works. We saw individual artillery pieces that were somewhat intact, with shattered wheels and battered barrels. Now he klelne his duty at the machine. Two bombs of our load are on their way. German night flyers do not need signposts! As the German bombers begin their attack, enemy aircraft arrive.

That explained much of the failure of the troops and the panicky flight of our opponent. It is directed by a comprehensive military-economic organization that is unique.


They destroyed enemy batteries and machine gun nests, opening the way for our tanks. Comrades at the Machine by Wilhelm Lorch During the period last winter between the Polish campaign and the German counterattack in the west, English propaganda never tired of saying that the weapons and equipment of the German army were inadequate and that problems in the German armaments industry were increasing as the result of a shortage of raw materials, bad material, or insufficient machinery.

And the secure route to Swedish sources was guaranteed by the occupation of Norway. But Lieutenant B, wingman to the commander, can kruegshefte the story better:.

Nazi Kleine Kriegshefte – Small War Booklets

Page after page is filled with British photos and invented war propaganda from the “cannibalistic” World War I troops of the Kaiser, to German soldiers allegedly burning and plundering the Citadel in Brest-Litovsk. They had already been victorious kriegshedte Dunkirk and Antwerp, and along the River Lys. The commander of the German forces in Cherbourg had observed the island for days and his soldiers, under the white and gray of Lower Saxony, were eager to land on those islands that were so near.

His blood protects the work place, it protects the dangerous work in the armaments factories of Greater Germany. Our sources cannot be blockaded. When Spitfires and Hurricanes fire all of their guns at once, which are close to each other, the exhaust vents on their wings open. The island parliament came to terms with the new conditions.

With unparalleled endurance and devotion, the workers kriegsehfte the cable factories and in the radio kpeine worked to manufacture high quality equipment. We can see the factory clearly. Just then the kriegshefe blared: The enemy had 22 years to work daily on his weapons, until he reached the point at which he thought he could begin a war with Germany.


We, of course, had hardly been koeine, and were in the right firing position. We can see it from our altitude! For example, we captured about 30, tons of copper in Bourges, a single place in France. And then something else happened!

Kleine Kriegshefte

It is bright down below. The daily life of an armaments worker is certainly not easy. Did the commander want to go still further? Sark could keep its ancient cannons, dating back to Queen Elizabeth. The fighters were elsewhere. Aluminum is an essential material for aircraft production. We reached the coast with no losses.

We kept the commander in the middle of the formation to prevent any surprises. Even after the day Polish campaign, the illusion-filled British politicians still had not learned. A fresh wind from the west blows the smoke to the side for a moment, and the German Hes fly through, their bombbays releasing their payloads.

The Jewish firm did not always complete its work punctually.

A detachment of Polish field artillery was destroyed by German weapons along a country road near Warsaw.