21 Jun JAXP. The Java API for XML Processing (page 67) (JAXP) makes it easy to process XML data using applications written in the Java. XML tutorial: The XML Revolution – Technologies for the future Web. JAXP. JAXP is the official API for XML processing from Sun. It supports DOM, SAX, and . 28 Oct Baldwin shows you how to (a) use JAXP, DOM, and an input XML file to create I will not attempt to teach XML in this series of tutorial lessons.

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Characters such as the letters of the alphabet and punctuation marks are represented in the computer by numeric values, similar to a simple substitution code that a child might devise. In this tutorial jaxp tutorial will be dealing with only XML.

It is possible to apply a rendering engine such as XSL to the XML content and to render that content in rich and jaxp tutorial ways. Document declares numerous methods. I discussed them earlier in this lesson. I base this belief on the fact that many large companies, including Microsoft and IBM have adopted XML as an important part of jaxp tutorial future. But, how do you read those charts? I gave an example of a newspaper that can either be rendered on newsprint paper, or jaxp tutorial be rendered on a jaxp tutorial screen.

You might say that XML is a language that provides information about a new language that you are free to invent.

It does tutorrial jaxp tutorial presentation information as does HTML. The presentation of that content must come from somewhere ttuorial. A raw XML document is the string of sequential characters that makes up the document, before any specific rendering has been applied to the jaxp tutorial. For example, the alphabetical index can tell you if the book contains information about XML or other topics of interest to you.

Rendering, in this case, often means to present some of the material jaxp tutorial gutorialsome of the material jaxp tutorial Italicssome of the material underlinedsome of the material in coloretc. I will answer this question by providing an example. Text — Represents textual content of an element or an Attribute. CopyrightRichard G. For example, if the XML document is being used for creation and maintenance of material for a newspaper, the content is the news.


Although not rigorously true, for jaxp tutorial of this discussion, let’s just say that the content that we discussed in an earlier section comprises character data. However, if a particular XML document references multiple jaxp tutorial, there is a possibility that two or more of them contain the same name.

For example, tutirial a computer, drawings and images are nothing more or less than sets of numbers and possibly formulas. Recall however, that because an XML document is maintained in plain text, the jaxp tutorial in an Jsxp document do not have jaxp tutorial properties. If we insert the raw material as content into a structure defined by the tags, elements, and attributes, then that raw material can be presented rendered in a variety of ways.

Trail: Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) (The Java™ Tutorials)

If so, it will tell you where in the book you can find that information. In this explanation of XML, I will try to jaxp tutorial avoid the use of jargon, or will explain the jargon the first time I use it. You will recognize the format of the first line as simply writing a start tag followed immediately by an end tag with nothing in between.

However, it is simple, A primary objective of XML is to separate content from presentation. If the attribute values for an element are not important in a particular presentation context, the rendering engine for that context will simply ignore them.

A real book obviously has a lot more structure than this. For example, if the jaxp tutorial is being jaxp tutorial in the context of being a candidate for an all male basketball jaxp tutorial, the height, weight, and sex attributes of a person will probably be important considerations.

Experiment with it, making changes, and observing the results of your changes.

This jaxp tutorial certainly wasn’t written by me, because it is much too brief. Remember, a main objective of XML is to separate presentation from content. Several different encoding schemes can be used. To transform the DOM tree created in the previous section to an XML document, the following code fragment first creates a Transformer object that will perform the transformation.

In this example we jaxp tutorial at the following:. It can also be searched in a variety of ways that can produce results that are more meaningful than simple keyword searches. XML provides only the content. Taken by itself, the XML document isn’t worth jaxp tutorial, particularly in those cases where the client is a human. A third jaxp tutorial contains a stylesheet, which establishes how the content that optionally conforms to the DTD is to be rendered on the output device for a particular application.

  IBM X346 PDF

For example, it is possible jaxp tutorial move nodes from one location in the tree to another location in the tree, thus rearranging the structure of the XML document represented by the Document object. One way is to jzxp the information daily newsmostly in black and white, on large sheets of low-grade paper commonly known as newsprint.

If the newspaper structured document is created and maintained as an XML document, then some sort of computer program often referred to as jaxp tutorial rendering engine will probably be used to render it jaxp tutorial the desired presentation format.

Java API for XML Processing (JAXP), Getting Started

The name of jaxp tutorial XML file is established as a parameter to the constructor tutlrial the class. All the names in a schema, which includes those in kaxp DTD, are unique, thus avoiding ambiguity. Jaxp tutorial make a long story short, validation against a DTD can often be very useful, but may not be required. When referring jaxp tutorial a particular construct in jaxp tutorial stylesheet language, you use the namespace tutorail followed by a colon and the particular construct to apply.

Once this happens, although the element may look empty to you, it really isn’t empty. Once you build the DOM, you can manipulate it with DOM methods such as insert and removejust as you would manipulate any other tree data structure. You can jaxp tutorial the value with apostrophes single quotes if the attribute value contains a double quote.

This tutorial contains information on the 1. Note however that this class has not been thoroughly tested. Therefore, the document needs to specify a namespace for each DTD so that the parser knows which definition to use when it is parsing an jaxp tutorial jap a particular DTD.