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Our Christian God is not like an old man with long white beard, a conventional Iioan who feeds candies and other sweets to kids. There is NO Messianic Nation unless we start to operate on racist assumptions again. That which was realized so well in Russia because of Jewish Brains, because hfistos their discontent and their planning, through a similar intellectual and physical effort can become a worldwide reality. The most concerning is that they use same excuses and false pretexts for justice the Communists used.

God Bless You camian. These ideologies about how a region of the world should look like fuel our nowadays wars and bring us more and more enemies. These two opponents ,the Bolshevism and us, united us in Internationala. There were a Romanian girl, an American girl and a Bulgarian girl who ilan irradiated at Soros University campus in Hungary.

God protects those who are subjects of these gruesome experiments without their knowledge. Ion laurentiu Ghiulea rated it it was amazing Sep 08, They have been disconnected for a while by a malfunction between the right and left hemisphere in the brain, which corresponds to the Cold War period when they experienced common, symmetrical reflexes but never seceded hrisos coordinating their movements.

How does this culture of fear based on work??? I believe that Romanians had great episodes in their History when they acted just like David.

I believe that intoarverea force of anger towards injustice kept Romanian Christians along history when so many people passed over their lands and tried to change the law of the country. It works wonders for those full of pride, for people who wait for great encounters, or for those who hate Human freedom and Christ.

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The Saint of the Prisons by Ioan Ianolide

I will take as a point of reference three famous history maker agents. Ioaan had strong commitment to Bolshevik mentality. To me this is the one of the most endearing episodes in the whole New Testament, that shows Christ God and Human. At the same time, satanic forces are more refined and better organised in the 20th century than in the first Christian age. They need to interact from the basis of a lager range of human needs Food, shelter, respect, culture, history, lq, dignity that would bring them closer and not assume as a starting point of their interaction only the most extremist assumptions about one another.

The truth is totally different.

This anger turned them from mild peasants and shepherds in great soldiers to defend what God entrusted them with. Romania was actually the only state in the former communist bloc that opposed Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia. USA and western European countries have more and more of the characteristics of hristps regimes—my note. The account of his last meeting with his father, who died in a camp after courageously defending his village, is most moving.

Unless of coursethe society as a whole agrees that is developmentally behind. They use the means of terror, manipulation, social exclusion, mass murder to implement their dreamy vision of what a society should ianokide like.

These people actually lack any cultural, religious or civic identity, and they claim that they belong to an ethnical group or the other only when is fashionable to do so; as if their ideas would be a common knowledge of the whole community they happen to belong heistos.

They go jristos a potential for conflict is and…again, they help out, by splitting their tongue over the political and cultural environment in the target location, and ultimately by selling arms to both parties engaged in conflict.


The Saint of the Prisons

From outside, the club looks so niceso cozy, so well established, that the more efforts one makes to sell what they have in order to get there, the more worthwhile the belonging to that dreamy place becomes. As an example I will give the policies that orient the interventions in the Balkans and Middle East. Pitesti Experiment that took place in Romania in andis a great exemplification of how abusive powers exercise their influence first starting with experimentation on vulnerable groups such as prisoners and then extending it to the whole society.

In fact under our closed eyes a New World raises, a world that Communism only dreamed of. The natural rejection that some people will have toward this dead culture will be pathologized, people will be ostracized, labeled crazy or killed on the basis that they are still human.

The world starts to become a place of dreadful events first envisioned in movies or video games and then translated into the real world.

The State that has monopoly over sophisticated weapons, genetic engineering and the art of determining the conscience will be powerful and will destroy mankind. Fraierica e cine-i primeste si se prostitueaza cu ei.

Horizontally only hatreddesperate burning people and revengeful unconventional bombs, vertically the scream to Haven for legitimacy and a moment of peace. Thanks for telling us about the problem.