Hostage to the Devil by Malachi Martin Interview with an Exorcist by José Antonio Fortea The Rite by Matt Baglio The Day Satan Called by Bill Scott I Am Not. by Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea In today’s culture of scientific enlightenment, many consider belief in demonic possession and exorcism to be superstitious remnants . Interview With an Exorcist – FR JOSE ANTONIO FORTEA[]. By: FR JOSE ANTONIO FORTEA. Many current movies like Constantine, Hellboy and.

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Fortea uses an ideology based firmly on the text of the Bible and the teachings of the Church, and what’s most important is that he de-glamorizes demonic posse A very interesting look into the real world of exorcism and demonic possession.

The child was there for a week without any improvement. If there is no priest exorrcist the diocese, they need to ask for the name of the nearest diocese with a priest who is specialized.

Interview With a Real Life Exorcist | LoveToKnow

I earned some new ideas about what demons are and how they relate to angels. It does not matter whether these forces are good or evil; a witch or sorcerer seeks to harness their power. I had my eyes closed, praying, when it occurred, but others who were present saw the levitation twice. From all of the people that come to us, perhaps 50 percent don’t claim they are possessed, and they are not.

There was an unpublished book in Spain at the time, but none other on the subject. Jun 20, Erin rated it really liked it. The same year, he finds himself considering the possibility of becoming a priest.


Interview With a Real Life Exorcist

So, the first case was sent to me by my pastor. Oct 22, Alex Torres rated it did not like it. Being raised Catholic, I found some of this a bit spooky to say the least. Which to me makes this book worthwhile to read as it makes you not only think, but analyze what he is actually saying. The question and answer format was a great way to direct me to specific issue about which I was curious. Over the following year she returned to my parish many times as a parishioner and is a wonderful young lady.

Feb 24, Bryn Dunham rated it it was amazing Shelves: Check out our intriguing interview. It is about the battle of good and evil and the humble yet very special role of an exorcist, a holy man of God.

Finally, they have recognized that perhaps there is something more than the theories about possession provided in their books. Father Fortea has been practicing the rite for the Catholic Church for over twenty years.

Do you have a way of separating out people who may simply be suffering psychologically? Interview With an Exorcist: This book presents the themes of demonic possession, exorcism and demonology from a Catholic perspective.

This book will open the eyes wlth the reader, especially if you had doubts to start with. Another time I told her, in Latin, to say the 22nd Psalm.

I didn’t skip any though because I was intrigued. I can’t remember precisely what they were, but it wasn’t a downright heresy.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In the United States, for example, there were only four exorcists. This book was a very interesting read for me and unlike anything I have read before. The question answer format makes this an easy read. When you spoke about it, no one really understood the subject. Before actually delving into the subjects of possession and such Father Jose Antonio Fortea gave ample knowledge not only about the battle of the angels and how the devil and demons came to be, but also how they use temptation to ruin our souls, but also that much of that temptation is brought on upon ourselves and our weaknesses.


I was so completely wrong. Fortea uses an ideology based firmly on the text of the Bible and the teachings of the Church, and what’s most important is that he de-glamorizes demonic possession Apr 13, Nate McHugh rated it really liked it. The author utilizes a question and answer format so you can skip around to that which particularly interests you.

They had to carry the child to the doctor. Jun 09, Dana Marie rated it it was amazing. After looking for guidance into this new path, he took the advice of a priest who told him to join the seminary, just to rule out any doubt.

We have to distinguish between ordinary temptation frotea extraordinary intervirw. They need to come to my parish, and I interview them. As a result the church, has abandoned exorcism, demonology, and angelology as essential doctrines of The question and answer format made this book easy to read.

The author explains that there are degrees to possession which I found extremely interesting.