HC-SR05 / HY-SRF05 Precision Ultrasonic Sensor from UPGRADE INDUSTRIES on Check the datasheet for details and graphs but these are the highlights. Ultrasonic distance sensor (HY-SRF05) with 2channel Logic Level converter. Use two GPIO Trig(T) Echo(E). Update –> check distance and update. T28 –> Trig. 23 Feb HY-SRF05 Datasheet – Ultrasonic Distance Sensor – Arduino, HYSRF05, HY- SRF05 pdf, HY-SRF05 pinout, HY-SRF05 equivalent, HY-SRF

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Here is the way I used this sensor a couple of weeks ago in my bot car. Hello rberklem Just saw your post, I had given up this module. That’s great to know. I have also looked at hy srf05 datasheet information presented on http: By using our services, you agree to hy srf05 datasheet use of cookies.

All I wanted to do was debug it to see if it worked. Hi erco Thanks for the pep talk, I wont give up. I included a debug line in your code and could see that the sensor was reading something.

If you don’t mind could srrf05 upload a picture of the hy srf05 datasheet setup you used for the HY-SRF05, thank you. Not sure what the problem is, but IMO your sanity and happiness is worth a dollar for a new sensor or two.


Our mission is to design electronics that are hy srf05 datasheet to use, widely adaptable and suitable for students, hobbyists and professionals.

My code already output values to the serial monitor F8erf05 debug needed.

To use hy srf05 datasheet mode, connect the mode pin to the 0v Ground pin. Don’t get in my space! Product Description Ultrasonic sensors overcome many of the weaknesses of IR sensors – they provide distance measurement regardless of color and lighting of obstacles.

After studying the weaknesses of competing products, we made those the focal point of our designs. Precision looks to be around mm at 1m distance. I haven’t played with the Mode pin.

I am trying to use it with a 14M2 chip. Has anyone used these successfully with a picaxe?

The beam hy srf05 datasheet of the SRF05 is conical with the width of the beam being a function of the surface area of the transducers and is fixed. Range is increased from 3 meters to 4 meters.

Still have to work out what the debug is telling me Gaetano. Not much in the way of a data sheet, but I found this “tech spec”: The sensor will automatically send out a 40 kHz wave. hy srf05 datasheet

Distance Measurement with an Ultrasonic Sensor HY-SRF05

This is a question which crops up regularly, however there is no easy way hy srf05 datasheet reduce or change the beam width that I’m aware of. The readings look ok to me, but can’t comment on how stable they are compared to the ‘genuine’ version. Specifications Check the datasheet hy srf05 datasheet details and graphs but these are the highlights: Someone will be an internet hero if they can sort out what that pin does.


You can find an Arduino Library with code here: I received a lot of feedback from the debug, dayasheet I really had no idea of what I was observing. We recognize daatsheet hy srf05 datasheet users by making them a Tindarian. SRF04 units are dtasheet a dollar now, not worth troubleshooting: Those sensors are dirt cheap: It then listens for an echo, and as soon as it detects one it lowers the echo line again.

Distance Measurement with an Ultrasonic Sensor HY-SRF05 – Arduino Project Hub

They work fine in two pin or one pin mode, same as SRF types, but of course the pinout is different, the ground connection is moved over one pin to make dtasheet for hy srf05 datasheet mysterious OUT pin, which I left floating.

Changing beam pattern and beam width You can’t! There isn’t a selection process or form to fill out.