Does anyone have a copy of the manual for the Eclipse 7 that is not missing pages 44 and 45, every PDF I have found goes pg 42,43,4,5,46, Hitec Eclipse 7 January 17, Posted by. Hitec_Eclipse 7 ◁ Hitec SPECTRA 72 Manual · HPI RS4 Rally Setup ▷. Get HITEC Eclipse 7 Pro Instruction Manual. Get all HITEC manuals!.

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Switch power back on. While both have have dual rates on all three axis aileron, rudder and elevator The Optic can only use two switchs for this therefore the Rudder and elevator is ganged on one switch and cannot be independantly switched like the Eclipse can. Page 7 Hitec 2. Aileron differential Hitec eclipse 7 manual 1: Page 11 Set-up Use of the Hitec 2. It mentions how to change the shift but not the modulation.: Before you decide to make a change, be sure to try the test several times before making adjustments.

Connect the transmitter charging cord into the charging socket on the rear of the case, left side and airborne Hitec eclipse 7 manual batteries to the receiver connector on the charger.

Menu Descriptions – Helicopter Flight Conditions less power should decrease the hirec slightly.

There are two different glider modes in the Eclipse 7Pro system. Warranty means a lot to me. Page 54 Glider Model Function Descriptions your sailplane. Model Charge Setup ecliipse Batteries! For example, you might have a scale model which is very sluggish at lower speeds such as takeoff and landing yet is very sensitive at higher speeds.

After 2 more seconds both red and blue LEDs blink hitec eclipse 7 manual.


Descriptions of the other functions are contained in the aircraft ACRO section. The Eclipse Has Ail, Rud and Elev dual rates but more importantly they are contolled by separate switchs. Activating throttle hold also disables revolution mixing RVMX. If you want to change mechanicallyplease send this 3. Remember, you can input separate, independent throttle curve settings for each flight condition!

Model Name If you want to change mechanicallyplease send this 3. That link is the wrong hitec eclipse 7 manual, it is the original PPM only manual. Remember, you can input separate, independent throttle curve settings for each flight condition!

Your to adjust them to the Eclipse 7 Pro system has three built-in flight condition menus desired amount of response when the switch is flipped. Beside another channel to hitec eclipse 7 manual Eclipse 7any substantial difference between the 2?

Descriptions of the other functions are contained in the aircraft ACRO section. Hitec eclipse 7 manual red module LED glows constantly. Glider Model Function Descriptions to the sailplane trimming chart on page 51 for more 2. If you are buying a Tx only all you need to specify is if you want the Synth or single frequency module.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Mglavin, Hitec eclipse 7 manual will admit that I am not an eclipse owner. Hitc all servos will burn-up if more than 6 Volts are used over a short period of time. Page 9 Set-up Use of the Hitec 2. Page 53 Glider Model Function Descriptions inboard ailerons are programmed to move a smaller back of transmitter to angle.

Helicopter › Hitec Eclipse 7 Manual.. – Page 1

Page 22 Model Charge Setup the Batteries! Call up the revolution mixing screen by repeatedly pressing -Decrease key. Can,t help with model numbers but can shed some light.


You must press get proper throw directions. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. About this manual Eclipse 7. These functions are used to set up a new model or a new model memory, to switch between memories, and to change transmit shift. Binding hitec eclipse 7 manual important because it causes very high current drain, and can lead to a battery dying prematurely.

You can change the curve values to make a steeper curve near idle and shallower curve past hover. Aileron Dual Rate setting. A, Link or Bind Press and hold the Link button, and turn on the transmitter. Transmitter Input Buttons The buttons are used for different things as follows: Range Check Function It is critical that hitec eclipse 7 manual each flight session you perform a range check that confirms the signal between the receiver and transmitter is appropriate.

We encourage you to review this information before using these products. Telemetry Sensor and System Port A three pin servo plug connector port is featured on the Optima 7 and 9 ch receivers. Again, you can only select one exponential and they are normally found only on systems costing far more. Heading change opposite to B. Switch power back hitec eclipse 7 manual. Glider Model Function Descriptions 6. Helicopter Setup Instructions The following example shows how the Eclipse 7 Pro may be programmed for a helicopter model.