By understanding and supplying farming families with all their agricultural and household needs, the Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar centres aim to engender trust and. In rural India, farmers historically had limited access to quality input items for both their fields and homes. Indian conglomerate DSCL has undertaken a Rural. 15 Nov Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar: A Rural Business Initiative.

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Become an expert in Cloud Architecture at Simplilearn. There was a latent demand, the farmers wanted quality and we listened to them to supply them with what they need. Your Reason has been Reported to the admin. Trained agronomists were posted in rural areas to advise sugarcane growers. They may even start on rentals before making a major purchase.

DSCL expands Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar footprint to AP

First established inHariyali Kisaan Bazaar represents a retail revolution in rural India. The Hariyali outlets were a completely new concept for rural India and Sanjay Chhabra, head of retail operations, recalls the scepticism when the first stores were established. This will alert our moderators to take action. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Find this comment offensive? Woman who ran the mother of all scams. To respond to this request, DSCL set up five pilot stores which, byquickly expanded as farmers requested more outlets, and a greater choice of products and brands.


It also provide opportunity to aggregate farm produce and market it to buyers hitherto inaccessible to individual farmers. The decision to buy feed companies had been controversial within Alltech: However, Lyons believed downstream integration would allow Alltech to better communicate with its end customers farmersincrease sales of its supplements, and help protect the firm from industry dynamics such as consolidation and cost pressure.

To see your saved stories, click on link hightlighted in bold. Each outlet store is based on a campus of four to five acres, with a fuel station, banking facilities, farm demonstration area, green recreation zones, and the retail store. Was he right, or should Alltech take a different approach?

Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar: A Rural Business Initiative

Never miss a great news story! In utilizing the products and services offered by the stores, farmers are able to improve the quality of their crops and access a network of helpful resources in an environment that was once considered completely tangential to kieaan benefits of agricultural research and technology reaped in other parts of the world.

NIFTY 50 10, It was also misaan vehicle for changing mindsets and culture by reviving the entrepreneurial spirit that some felt had eroded within Kellogg.

Home Developments Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar: Finance Globalization Health Care. DSCL strategizes about how the company can also benefit from these freshly forged connections with India’s rural millions. Across the flat lands of Haryana, farmers grow wheat, sugarcane and rice.


BJP has just been handed its biggest election cheque. Drag according to your convenience.

Bank loses Rs 30, as credit card user walks away. They understand us very well.

DSCL expands Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar footprint to AP – The Economic Times

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By understanding and supplying farming families with all their agricultural and household needs, the Hariyali centres aim to engender trust and provide their customers with quality products and long-term advice. The concept of Hariyali grew from an agricultural extension programme of DSCL, a well-known Indian conglomerate producing fertiliser, seed and sugar.

We are kisaa only service for around 20 per cent of the farmers in the area around Lawda, for example.