How Doctors Think has ratings and reviews. Kirsti said: Things that you should find worrisome if a doctor says them to you or a loved one:*. In this very engaging and well-researched book, Jerome Groopman, a practicing oncologist with expertise in AIDS-related malignancies. ‘a series of illuminating essays that explore the rational and irrational factors that influence medical decision-making which Dr. Groopman, a clear writer and a.

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What assumptions do doctors make about patients that lead to misdiagnoses? Groopman also serves as an advocate for primary care physicians in his book. How a doctor thinks about a person or their opinion on someone can easily lead to a mistake in diagnosis or treatment. Ultimately, following the branches to the end should lead to the correct diagnosis and therapy. But few of us realize how strongly a physician’s mood and temperament influence his medical judgment.

Over the years, Anne had seen many internists for her primary care before settling on her current one, a woman whose practice was devoted to patients with eating disorders.

How Doctors Think

Have other family members suffered from this symptom? Although she said she was forcing down close to three thousand calories, her internist and her psychiatrist took the steady loss of weight as a sure sign that Anne gfoopman not telling the truth. What I’m left to wonder is what distinguishes this young doctor’s “insight” from the myriad of doctors who employ seemingly similar thought processes but arrive at wrong diagnoses. The book also has some good insights into some groopmman the perverse incentives, either from drug companies or from fee-for-service that may cloud physician judgement.

She was raised in Hempstead, Long Island. Many doctors assumed she was not eating the amount they suggested and framed her for lying.


‘How Doctors Think’

He suggests that the poor reimbursement and lack of recognition for primary care physicians is fundamentally flawed. I noticed that his wife, who’s also a doctor, insisted on coming along to some of the visits with doctors to make sure her husband would ask the corrrect questions.

Open Preview See a Problem? dlctors

His initial presentation was terse. It is difficult to forget the misfortunes of some patients. The physician then explained: The second is that doctors frequently don’t have the self-awareness to understand their own errors, especially those that involve dealing with ambiguity and understanding the importance of emotions.

He argues that howw physicians are underreimbursed for their work, believing this to be a legacy of the period earlier this century when surgeons headed the medical societies that negotiated with insurers about what a ‘customary’ payment for services was to be. When diagnosing, not only doctors do this!

In the first few sections, Groopman explores dotcors, when, and why diagnoses are missed by some physicians hos captured by others. This is not a new message, but Groopman frames it in a new way.

How doctors think

Jan 01, Greg rated it it was amazing Shelves: Falchuk had given her permission to open the floodgates, and a torrent of painful memories poured forth. From ‘Morning Edition’ Groopman: Several doctors and a pharmaceutical executive speak with great candor about the reach of drug marketing, about how natural aspects of aging are falsely made into diseases, and how patients can be alert to this. It’s crucial to listen to the patient without interruptions to record their stated symptoms accurately to avoid making rushed decisions to arrive at an unnecessary diagnosis that could be very well avoided.

Each needs to keep an eye on a neutral shore where flags are planted to warn of perilous emotional currents”. Groopmwn endocrinologist said her bones were like those of a woman in her eighties, from a lack of vitamin D and calcium. This book will help you engage more effectively in the doctor-patient relationship.


How Doctors Think

Falchuk is a compact man in his early sixties with a broad bald pate and lively eyes. Very similar to malaysian book Diagnosis, what i learnt here are: Everything was a potential clue, telling him something about not only her physical condition but also her emotional doctirs.

I didn’t leave enough room for what seems [sic] like minor effects–the small fluctuations in oxygen levels, which might amount to one or two or three percent but actually can signal major problems in the heart May 30, Willa rated it really liked it Shelves: As a result, he decides to embark on a journey to understand How Doctors Think.

Views Read Edit View history. But his discussion of trying fourth or fifth line chemo agents on the off-chance one unexpectedly works seems to me to be underestimate the real human suffering eternally searching for miracles induces.

It will strike roughly one in two men and one in three women over the course of their lifetime. Therapy of mental illness is a huge field unto itself that encompasses various schools of thought and theories of mind. He implicates the financial pressures that lead insurance companies to increase the number of patients a primary care physician sees on a given day and therefore necessitate the development of templates.

Books Featured In This Story. It was the job of the residents to plug the holes in these marginal doctors’ care. Quotes from How Doctors Think.

Treatments outside the statistically proven are considered taboo until a sufficient body of data can be generated from clinical trials.