19 Aug THIS book contains the second group of experienceswhich I was privileged to havethrough the Love and assistance of the BelovedAscended. True magic is white magic or divine magic, and appears “magical”. There is a book called “The Magic Presence” by Godfre Ray King. It is the second book in the. THE MAGIC PRESENCE. BY GODFRE RAY KING. *. CHAPTER I. A Strange. Occurrence. ILEFT you, my reader, at the end of Unveiled. Mysteries, with the Great.

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I AM the pure, pristine, pious Presence of God in me. We are created in the image and likeness of God of Love. The Summit Lighthouseand. Please subscribe below This newsletter can help us godfre ray king the magic presence better the path of divine love, the world religions, the teachings of the presece masters, yoga, Chi kung Qi gong energy exercisesmusic, dance, spiritual practices, the rainbow rays, health and healing, and far more.

I AM the personal, precious, and pleasurable Presence of God. This newsletter is a great opportunity for all of us. Calls or Prayers to the Presence. Verse eight is to our Guardian Angel or any angelic being we want to give our love to.

The Magic Presence (Saint Germain Series: Volume 2)

I AM the love, wisdom and power of the Presence of God in me. The Bible, John An exciting story of relationships. I AM the Presence of a positive mental attitude. Saint Germain Series 2. May 27, Sean rated it it was ok. Below are some links that give variations of the chart.


The Magic Presence

Yearning for God’s love draws your presence near, but sharing his love keeps the flow godfre ray king the magic presence grace of your presence ever near. This Great ‘I AM’ is how he achieved his final and eternal victory, and so can we.

The chakras are the energy centers or magc centers in godfre ray king the magic presence body. These stories have a cause, an original idea from which they ming, and it is this Eternal Truth of Being which they carry forward from age to age, that the Ideal may always be held before the mind of mankind.

The chart of the Presence is a picture of the Magic Presence, and far more. We are the individualized Presence of God. Prezence like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Truly the manna that the soul needs to understand its true place in the universe.

I AM the power, wisdom and love of the Presence of God in me. This website is in continuous improvement and continuous evolvement; and more teachings and links are being added when possible. I AM a child of God, a son or daughter of God. The Magic Presence gives us a better understanding of the Presence of God in us.

The Magic Presence

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Also, the Presence can be our best friend, and we may walk and talk with our best friend.

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I, William Star, often laugh and cry with tears of joy when I read this book. It is most important, and godfre ray king the magic presence some extent imperative, that we invoke the violet fire or violet flame to transmute our karma if we want to ascend in this life or the next life.

If we look at the chart, we will see a white tube of light coming down from the I AM Presence and surrounding the body the lower figure. Godfre ray king the magic presence AM standing in the Presence of God. Preferably, look at the top of most pages and see how easy it is to translate this website. Bea Dugan rated it really liked it Jul 11, Open Preview See a Problem?

Be still and know that I AM God.

The answer is, of course, yes. I AM practicing the Presence of God in me, and practice makes perfect and brings progress. Also, we can order extra copies of the chart, and possibly wallet-sized charts to give to vodfre. Endings we may use for most affirmations: Love and Praise of the Great Self Within.