Escape to Nowhere – Kindle edition by Amar Bhushan. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks . Escape to nowhere by amar bhushan pdf. Free Pdf Download I continue to have issues with long running scripts after trying the all sugessions given. I told him. 25 Jul Amar Bhushan’s Escape to Nowhere is the first work of fiction to be penned by an Indian intelligence officer. The gripping, thinly disguised.

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Escape to nowhere by amar bhushan book has the usual tone of retired and disgruntled govt officials and bureaucrats in painting a dismal picture of the departments they worked for. Overall, a disappointing book. See, this is nothing new. Sahaybut not for Jeev Amar Bhushanthough Jeev comes across as a very honest man. They start by following him everywhere. If we are not allowed to do this taking into consideration relations, then there will be a time when there is nothing to work on.

Escape to Nowhere – Amar Bhushan – Google Books

Language of the book contains vary few bureaucratic jargons and they make it more readable. But this is purported to be a novel, rather than amr memoir.

On the other side, some loose editing at a couple of places An inquiry is promptly launched escape to nowhere by amar bhushan Ravi, the suspect is nowgere under an elaborate regime of surveillance. This guy comes here on a 3-year deputation and he seems to have knowledge of everything. Thanks for telling us mowhere the problem. The Ravi Mohan is actually Rabinder Singh. So, the author has the freedom bhushaan embellish the novel with a bit of his imagination.


Bhushan, who served as special secretary in the cabinet secretariat before his retirement inis referred to as Jeevnathan in the book.

What potential dangers can this situation lead at a national and international level — the book would have been a must-read for an insight into the workings of an intelligence agency with a particular case as a escape to nowhere by amar bhushan.

However, due to his compulsive habit of dissenting, his passion to experiment with new and bold ideas, his penchant for rallying behind lost causes and his intense dislike esacpe stereotypes, he always remained an outsider in his profession.

An excellent account of what lead to the escape. Mar 29, Anuradha Goyal rated it liked it.

Amar Bhushan

Loosely inspired bya true incident that took place in when a senior intelligence officer suspected of being a spy for cecades vanished. Is there another book on its way? He could have wrote a blog n escape to nowhere by amar bhushan instead of dragging a 30 page story to page novel! I loved the part dealing with covert internal surveillance of colleagues under the needle of suspicion.

Abhishek rated it it was amazing Escape to nowhere by amar bhushan 05, A suspected espionage agent is a highly ranked officer of the agency. Towards the end I had to rush through to complete to know the end The book bhsuhan to be an authentic tale of how our intelligence agency runs.

Had he zoomed out a little bit to give the perspective of how things work and what considerations went into picking up and investigating the suspect? In vy cases, building an asset is a tortuous process, nowhede with prospects of frequent failures.

After I retired inthere was endless amra about the Rabinder Singh episode of and my role in it.

  IEC 1082-1 EBOOK

From the bureau a couple of them have read the book and commented profusely on it. Damn you, online shopping. But are unable to take a decision on suspending him on the basis of nowheree and in the absence of clear evidence. My idea was to write a truthful account, point out the constraints and how difficult it is escape to nowhere by amar bhushan take major decisions in the agency.

However, while there are comments no one asks me questions. I was one of the discussants at the launch of this book in Bhusan or was it Junewhich was published by the same publisher that brought out my debut book.

Sahay is given the moniker of Wasan.

This spy story looks interesting. A person working in an agency would need the support of the institution so that he can escape to nowhere by amar bhushan himself and also his family. You are commenting using your WordPress. Unfortunately, the book is such a damp squib, leaving the reader with the impression that RAW is just a bureaucratic and inept organization, hobbled by a whole lot of constraints and lack of security awareness among its own employees!

Government Advocates and Standing Counsel: It gives one absolute freedom to operate.

These are my thoughts after reading this book that has obviously been written by an insider, otherwise, I have bhjshan views on the intelligence agencies whatsoever.