Please, help me to find this decreto libras pdf merge. I’ll be really very grateful. y song jolly phonics · villena festiva mp3 player · viu mariners baseball. decreto libras pdf creator. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for decreto libras pdf creator. Will be grateful for any help! Top. Language (Libras) to hearing students in Higher Education. . The Decree # supplements the Law # and the article 18 of the Law # .

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They announced, however, that: Classrooms in which educators teach directly in Librasand therefore erase the need for interpreter mediation. How to be someone in front of others who relate to others through oppression or deletion of a language that is minority, following the logic of an oral language, socially conveyed as being common, in a predominantly hearing society?

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The event was translated from English to Portuguese, however, at some points the speaker chose to make use of the Portuguese language. This proposal, of classrooms with Libras instructions, in the observed projects, have been suggested for early childhood education and those early years of elementary school, because the translational activity is still very complex for children This is how we have the tension to build a school for the deaf in inclusive schools, perverting inclusion itself, from the origin of it, to no longer work on homogenizing tendency.

How to act in militancy, in the proliferation of minor education of the deaf, fracturing new knowledge from within, for example, of inclusive policies? From this, we can understand that if the answer to the problem has already been given previously, or already exists, or even if there is certainty in what one expects to find, there is no way to state a problematizing-encounter, since occurrence as a problem-encounter, this movement generates new knowledge in the subject, body knowledge, route effects and collisions, put in the process of decreot in search of answers.

Foucault ; studied ways to get, through systematic and reigned corporeal practices, a way to control their concerns, a record and analysis of the lived, for him the way of exercising the self-care, through the practices of freedom Foucault, – writing gains the status of being able to offer a certain freedom in its doing, political action.

There is no way to develop a universal theory for problems that do not yet exist, nor for any practice that means to be universalizing. If inclusion is the effect of the exclusion process highly formulated in the capitalist society that operates within an efficient machinery, by categorizing and naming any form of difference, this way, there will always be the capture by a normative and voracious system.

A memory that is invented, and that changes to something else as it is resumed.

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From this premise, we have deecreto posture that is built by habit – by doing. Resuming, it is interesting to note the double articulation used in libraa speech of Professor Johnson: What is the issue of not release Libras instruction classrooms? This structure did not seem pleasant to the secretary of education after some time. Mainly in the illustrations and daily exemplification that he felt more ease enunciating in the foreign language.


In any case, the imperial era texts, analyzed by Foucaultrelate to the practices of the self and 56266 most of them the writing exercise theme. In this sense, the author emphasizes writing as part of a self-care that can be acquired by the subject through corporeal practice, through the established routine, or established by the order made.

With educational organizations and proposals that can meet the needs decretp deaf students. The irony occurs when he points out the simplicity of it and at the same time the lack of an effective bilingual education policy. Inclusive education and discourses on deafness guided by the sameness logic that erases the difference of being deaf are problematized.

Thus, a school can be inclusive if it offers a space for learning and building in the difference, using the visuality that sign language marks in the deaf body.

Writing, therefore, is to potentialize the creation of a text, which operates in the militancy of a question that by bothering, promotes a multiplying action of thinking. To bring this philosophical tonic to contemplate deaf education once more is to see it as a problem: It is working without a previous answer, starting from the annoyance that the encounters-occurrences, in deaf people saying, in militant action of minor education 9have laid it bare, and presented ways that differ from legitimated in a larger policy, consolidated by the national plans, and in educational guidelines that deal with school practices Gallo, ; By presenting the philosopher as a creator of concepts, Deleuze and Guattari introduced a novelty in the realm of philosophy, that of going beyond the contemplation decrwto merely true ideas put and pre-formulated beforehand.

At this point, we bring forth theoretical foundations that aid us in thinking the discursive difficulty for changes in deaf education in inclusive schools.

In this complex and brief panorama, we see which historical affiliations mark the discipline in the deaf body and the process of normalizing the language. Deaf Xecreto and Bilingual Proposal: Knowledge interconnected with truths. Hurting the logic posed by libgas inclusion is not meant to minimize the contributions dwcreto side thought to 562, but to enhance the move to another place, a heterotopic place.

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In other words, it would mean knowing if the will to truth is not as deeply historical as any other system of exclusion; if the root is not as arbitrary as they are; if it is not modifiable as they are in the course of history; if, like them, it is not supported and, like them, 5266 is not constantly reactivated throughout an institutional network; if it does not form a system of coercion that is exercised not only on other speeches but on a whole range of other practices.

Aulas sobre a Vontade de Saber. In the case of speeches dealing with the inclusion of the deaf, for example, almost always they seem to ignore the will of the other and give a minimum possibility for the exercise of freedom.

December 23, ; Accepted: We can state, with Deleuzethat it would be in par with deterritorialization: I – schools and classrooms for bilingual education, open to deaf and listening students with bilingual educators in early childhood education and the early years of elementary education; II – bilingual schools or common schools of the regular school system, open to deaf students and listeners, for the final years of elementary school, high school or vocational fecreto, with faculty from different areas of knowledge, aware of the linguistic uniqueness of deaf students, as well as the presence of translators and interpreters of Libras – Portuguese.


Even though the field of education, in general, sometimes has this pretension. These are classrooms open to any student as long as he or she understands that education will be taught only librws Librasand the Portuguese will be relegated to a second language.

Therefore, we have the occurrence as from the incorporeal, working outside the body, however, promoter of marking and knowledge that from their encounters operate other corporeal knowledges: Since Libras is still a language not widely or socially recognized, even with legal representation, and a growing visibility already achieved, parents who have hearing children have not sought a bilingualism of this order.

It is by enunciating the linguistic difference and by the visual ability given to the singular experience of not hearing, which has marked the petition of a bilingual education in Brazil: This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

The school, consolidated within a logic of the macro, or the macro policy excludes the enunciation of many differences, among them, and for the means of this article, the deaf difference. An ethical other, a school where decrdto deaf can enroll in and, thus, write their story with us, without being an imposition of this history written in advance should be, is certainly an area in which the sign language and deaf cultural practices are present. He brings up again, in his speech, the theme that was announced in the title of this section of text: The problem is that nothing has changed, I have continued for years saying the same thing, and the school producing the same frustrating way of education for the deaf: It is to live the gesture that enables the event itself, it is to live the end in itself, it is librass exist in the world with no tethers.

Regarding major education, from a Deleuzian reading, Gallo defines it through the production of a macro-political control, emerging in public policies for the consolidation of a hegemonic strand of action, based on the sameness and not the multiplicity experienced by radical difference.

A minor education is an act of singling out and of militancy Gallo,p. Major education is the one instituted and that wants to be instituted, to be present, to make it happen. When we do not conform with a ready-made structure, that cannot be changed; but, when change is announced and set as required for the registration of multiple forms of life that wish to be affirmed.