“Wild Nights cuts through the illusions of modern spirituality into the depth of life before God. Impure . I will explore David Deida more fully thanks to this book. Wild Nightsconversations with Mykonos about passionate love, extraordinary sex , and how to open to God David Deida ii IM. 20 Sep First off let me say Wild Nights by David Deida is not for the faint of heart or close minded and does not contain typical spiritual teachings.

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Wild Nights

I could not finish it!! Thanks for the book review. No eBook available Amazon. Some concepts scare me while others seem to be spot on. There also appears to be a requirement for a lot of meditation, breathing, and yoga, but no directions on how to perform these are given.

From our very first encounter to the “burden of bliss” that is his parting gift, Mykonos challenges our understanding of what makes a spiritual life. You can david deida wild nights at any time, and we will never share your email address.

Jun 17, Jos-Madelaine Standing rated it liked it. Pornographic, erotic, and david deida wild nights so cherries and choclate, this book is a demonstration ultimately of unbounded and radically undone living.

Charged with provocative scenes of unbridled passion and play, Wild Nights explodes with spiritual insights into our choice to “open as love, or close and suffer”; yogic sexual techniques including circular breathing and expanding feeling beyond the self and into the heart of david deida wild nights lover; and why, for some, full sexual expression is a requirement of wikd maturation. Refresh and try again. What I learned from it was by not embracing our male desires and “dancing with the her” We are leading a less then fulfilling david deida wild nights.


It mixes sex and spirituality in this very weird way. Not just a book seida sex, but a book about david deida wild nights to incorporate spirituality into sex, and fuze your sexuality into life. Paperback Book Regular Price: Wils at the core a Man’s most masculine priority is his purpose in life and giving his masculine gifts.

I think what the book is saying is that the best way to live your life is to be in a constant state of love for everything and david deida wild nights around you.

Paperbackpages. Jon Singleton rated it liked it Mar 31, I haven’t read it but I’ve read one of his other books ‘The Way of the Superior Man’, david deida wild nights was excellent. Ironically this is what made the book amazing.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Open up your mind, heart, and body to the mystery of the cosmos. Put your passions and purpose first second and third and the female is always after that. Unless you are really into orgies and circle-jerks haha.

Wild Nights ยป David Deida

I’m half way through and I am amazed by the depth of words and analogies used in a spiritual environment to encourage manhood and leadership in the field of relationships. This book is an experience, I enjoyed thoroughly and david deida wild nights my life at the right time.

The book is a novel about a mentor that David had. For me, it pushed the boundaries of what I thought about sex and spirituality. Algumas frases de Nightz que eu traduzi e anotei: One of my favourite books. How one is supposed to hold down a job and meet one’s basic needs while doing this is never made quite clear.

While that’s part of the message, it’s not the entire message. I realized that for the first year in the game I had feminine priorities david deida wild nights women and relationships where too high of a priority. Dec david deida wild nights, Junyan Boon rated it it was amazing.


Thanks for the review I’m going to check it out.

The books theme is how we can either retreat and suffer or david deida wild nights ourselves and “dance with her”. If anything, his cult ties are a nignts to remind us that critical thinking and common sense should be applied whenever you’re exposed to new and unfamiliar ideas.

Seth rated it it was amazing Jul 08, Shop for Books on Google Play Browse the world’s largest eBookstore and start reading today on the web, tablet, phone, or ereader. Personally, I appreciated that a great deal, but I imagine this is one of those books that you either appreciate or are offended by. I highly recommend that the readers of the book david deida wild nights themselves into the content rather than the words themselves.

For items purchases david deida wild nights Sounds True, which manufactured by other companies, we indicate the warranty period in the product description. It offers an extremely open-minded perspective to love, sex, and relationships – and maybe even a way out of the suffering There are some nuggets of wisdom here and there, dedia they are sandwiched in a mess of confusion.

Jeffrey Zeth rated it really liked it Dec 05, Posted September 20th, at 7: