cocky comedy openers, google page 1. pua opener, google page 1. funny pua openers and routines, google page 1. c, google page 1. david deangelo email. Cocky Comedy CD Program [David DeAngelo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the most obvious common denominators that I. David DeAngelo came out with Double Your Dating in and introduced the world to using cocky and funny lines. Since then he’s made mega-bucks on it.

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Online dating profile examples — these great profiles for men attract women. It’s OK overall, but whether it is worth the money is open for debate. It is a very fine line.

Think “stand-up philosopher” rather than “stand-up comedian”. Now, David DeAngelo has a couple of good programs, but his cocky funny openers and cocky funny lines are better left to the gullible. Republished with permission from mASF Forum. My biggest disappointment is that the product did not do much david deangelo cocky comedy the way of teaching people how dzvid form their own jokes aside from the last speaker.

As women get older, they expect much more subtle, evocative interchange.

Cocky and funny approach

Click “Submit” to send your review! It helps men david deangelo cocky comedy the importance of laughter and the attraction women have for men with a sense of humour. Online dating profiles — These 4 tips give you an advantage over other men Previous post: Click here for what I think are some great principles for david deangelo cocky comedy women and being an attractive man.

David DeAngeloSeduction Tags: You remind me of my dog. The last speaker I don’t remember his name was the best one as far as it relates to cocky comedy.


Reviewed by Ernest the Great June 23, Is the content effective? They gave funny lines to give in various situations you may find yourself in but this did not teach you how to be funny.

But along came this guy who said he had the answers, and who was great at marketing… and lo-and-behold… the cocky funny approach became the way of the pickup artist. Throughout the six hours of material, David and his featured guest speakers describe the details of why cocky comedy attracts women to men, and the specific ways in which it can be used in the field.

Davkd has a passion daid teaching how to use human psychology to date more women and become a better person. If you’re too cocky, you look david deangelo cocky comedy a jerk.

But believe me, humor isn’t an absolute necessity. Enter your search terms Submit search david deangelo cocky comedy. I didn’t find Will to be all that helpful. After reading up on the Mystery Method this is almost like negging only that cocky comedy aims to DHV while also making the girl laugh negging does not seem too concerned over whether the girl laughs or not.

Cocky and funny lines – The truth about David DeAngelo

A quick review of the Cocky David deangelo cocky comedy DVD series 1 How new or innovative is the product, or is it just a better rehash deangleo existing products for examing AM is a good product, but in the end is there anything really new there? Cocky comedy does work very well but I’m not sure if it is necessary to buy this program. I was playing too safe.

Daengelo purchasing and using the product a smooth process? Cocky funny—again What women say want and what they really want are… Cocky funny email advice. The DVD didn’t change my mind set but it gave me some good tips and techniques. David went on to explain how this combination of cocky and funny can raise your status and create attraction in women.


David deangelo cocky comedy also explains what particular kind of humour that works best. It was talked about, discussed and tried out. She doesn’t find a guy with a sense of humor attractive… It’s the other way around david deangelo cocky comedy she’s attracted to him FIRST, then she laughs and thinks the guy has a good sense of humor. You can say things to her like, “Yeah, you’re cute, but I’m used to dating much younger women”, or “Gee, what an interesting color for a dress”.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t generally recommend the ” cocky and funny ” approach as most guys cock aren’t funny. Basicly he explains why humour is so important in creating attraction. I’m better off with regular openers and DHVs. Hey, David deangelo cocky comedy just saved your bad hair day from getting worse, you owe me! Enter your email Your email address is kept private. Personally, Cocky and Funny and the mastery series program area very good for beginners.

David D’s cocky funny is great for comedj.


I feel there are much easier ways to approach women, especially if you’re already funny anyway. David DeAngelo’s “Cocky Comedy” ddeangelo david deangelo cocky comedy only loaded with great hilarious alpha lines to play with in A2, but goes into the psychology behind one of the things human beings use to peacock with Previous 1 [2] [3] Next.

You have to have greater goals in life! Does it have different content to other products? Is it david deangelo cocky comedy the price? I have friends who are funny… hilarious actually… and girls say how much fun they are to be around. Is it a good deal?