The Datavideo HS combines the SE 4 channel switcher with the TLM- The instruction manual is broken down into three sections; HS general. The SE is a broadcast quality four Instruction Manual and Demo CD. Datavideo Locations Datavideo Corporation USA. U. Every Datavideo product is available for a two week evaluation. Please check our website SE’s dissolve, chroma key and more than 50 built in effects with its full size keypad and control panel or .. *Instruction Manual. * DV Model Only.

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We were able to mix the audio from camcorders connected via FireWire datavideo se-800 manual four other audio sources e. There is no charge for the firmware. Learn how your comment data datavideo se-800 manual processed. The SE has 30 user-programmable effects presets to store your transitions and execute them with a single button press.

We set up a simulated shoot in our studio with one camera trained on a host, and another on a talent against a green chromakey wall. Please enter your comment! You could distinctly tell that it was a chromakey effect.

No, the SE does not support datavideo se-800 manual code. Is the carrying case suitable for use as a shipping case? Datavidfo Datavideo SE digital datavideo se-800 manual allows you to switch between up to four analog or DV sources, and record the mixed output to a digital camera or recorder, or output a stable signal for live broadcast. Log into your account.

We trained one camera on our talent against a green chroma-wall and cued our deck to the sub-source. The video input settings on the board are saved along with other settings when the power is turned off. Notify me of follow-up comments by datavideo se-800 manual.

  BNX002-01 PDF

Datavideo SE Manuals

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In our opinion, the keys we were able to create would datavideo se-800 manual adequate for live projection at clubs or parties, but the unit did not offer us enough control to sufficiently key a weather person for a news broadcast.

This five-monitor setup is fine for high end studio setups, but is impractical for location shoots such as recitals or weddings.

When passing your audio and datavideo se-800 manual through various pieces of equipment, it is possible to lose sync. Datavjdeo selected one of the preset border colors and widths, and chose one of two PiP window sizes.

This sw-800 hasn’t received any reviews datavideo se-800 manual. The unit packs a number of transitions, including fades, wipes and zooms. Because dattavideo can connect almost any type of video, analog or datavideo se-800 manual, to any datavidek, the board datavideo se-800 manual you a huge range of flexibility in terms of sources. The SE accepts DV input from up to four camcorders and outputs DV in real time to a recorder, maintaining the highest quality images possible.

What are you looking for? Among other things, you need to program the device to switch audio with video or tell it not to, and push a series of buttons to select the proper source DV, S-Video or RCA for each of the four inputs. You’re using a beta version of our new web site. If you change the assignment of the input from DV to S-Video, you may want to reset the audio delay.

Datavideo SE-800 Manuals

New users should allow some time to set up the SE the first time; there are a lot of buttons to identify datavideo se-800 manual functions to learn before you begin operating the unit. The SE will work with the normal frame rate DV.


Whittier, CA www. Is there a DV delay?

What about the Hi Res and Datavideo se-800 manual and Transitions Switching sources was a matter of a button press. The datavideo se-800 manual datavjdeo resolution will be px in height.

After the hardware was connected, we turned on the Manyal and began configuring the mixer. We used the number pad on the datavideo se-800 manual datafideo position the PiP in one of nine preset locations, but we really liked using the mini-joystick controller to freely slide the PiP around.

How do I set up ae-800 audio on the SE so it does not change with the different video sources? It does not matter if you fade to a colour or fade to video, the audio will fade out. Notify me of new posts by email. Company Info Siren Technology Ltd. Next Source Preview – It has a switcher that allows dataviedo to connect the four datavideo se-800 manual inputs that may be from the TLM loop outputs and get the “next source” video on a monitor of your choice.

In our tests, however, we did not have audio syncing issues. If you seek live-to-tape or air switching of multi-camera studio applications such as news or a talk show, or live output to a big-screen TV at a nightclub or in an auditorium, the SE will do the job. The output from the SE is delayed by about 0. For remote applications, Datavideo recommends using a separate four-input switcher to preview sources on a single monitor.