development of complications after. ERCP. La obesidad como factor de riesgo para el desarrollo de complicaciones post-CPRE. Gustavo López-Arce, Jesús. Eventos adversos de la CPRE en el Hospital de San José de Bogotá. Abstract clasificaron las complicaciones post-CPRE en 3 catego-. El diagnóstico de estas complicaciones puede ser inmediato, es decir, en el post-polipectomía en el primer supuesto o la pancreatitis post-CPRE en el.

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J Natl Cancer Inst ; A prospective multicenter study. Further work is needed to define the appropriate interval for patients with small tubular adenomas. Rev Gastroenterol Mex ; Clin Infect Dis ; In conclusion, both early precut and pancreatic duct stent placement seem to behave in a similar way as preventive measures against PEP in high-risk patients with a difficult biliary cannulation.

Rev Esp Enferm Digest ; Endoscopic sphincterotomy and biliary drainage in patients with cholangitis due to common bile duct stones. There were two cases of PEP in each group, all of them mild and each of them required two days of admission OR 1. Se analizaron la efectividad y el coste de los procedimientos y sus complicaciones.

Patients with adenomas were randomized to follow-up at one and three years. N Engl J Med ; ; Cost-effectiveness analysis of colorectal cancer screening and surveillance guidelines. Categorical variables were compared using the Chi-squared test or Fisher’s test, when appropriate.


N Engl J Med ; Cost-effectiveness of colonoscopy in screening for colorectal cancer.

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Ir J Med Sci ; In this period, two endoscopists working together performed ERCPs, which yields an approximately average of 84 procedures per year. Techniques in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy ; vol.

One-time screening for colorectal cancer with combined fecal occult-blood testing and examination of the distal colon. Patients with difficult biliary cannulation constitute a group with a significant risk for the development of PEP. Drainage of the gallbladder in patients with acute acalculous cholecystitis by transpapillary endoscopic cholecystotomy. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol ;9: Thus, the majority were graded as mild to moderate and patients recovered with medical treatment.

Obesity as a risk factor for the development of complications after ERCP

Saunders — London, Overcoming obstacles to screening will be a major challenge of the next few years. Once cholangiography is performed, the inability to adequately drain an obstructed biliary tract results in cholangitis.

In case of stent persistence, these would be endoscopically removed.

Oxygen was administered to patients by means of a nasal cannula. Shakoor T, Geenen JE. EUS or magnetic resonance cholangiography? Adverse effects of biliary obstruction: Rev Esp Enferm Dig ; 93 Supl. Patients with a difficult biliary cannulation and at least one other risk factor for post-ERCP pancreatitis were enrolled and randomized to one of the treatment arms. The patient developed an abdominal abscess.


Besides, prospective multicentre series -like that of Masci 23 – find fewer complications when compared to single-centre serie -as that of Vandervoort 25 for instance. Patients with previous sphincterotomy, coagulation disorders, altered bilio-pancreatic anatomy or those unavailable for further follow up were excluded.

Procedures for choledocolithiasis that could not be completed were not considered a therapeutic failure, if a stent was inserted to maintain a temporary drainage.

Patients were sedated using fentanil, propofol and succinicoline; orotracheal intubation was used in every case. Acute cholecystitis, acute cholangitis and acute pancreatitis. A meta-analysis published by Mazaki et al.

Complications of endoscopic sphincterotomy: Risk factors for complications after ERCP: Finally, a 12 cm-long pancreatic stent broke within the pancreas. Larkin CJ, Huibregtse K.