We’ve made a new release () of our OfficeToPDF open source project and pushed the code to its usual home on CodePlex. The table above compares CogniDox and Microsoft Office Check out how both product compares looking at product details such as features, pricing, target . Thu, 25 Oct GMT github cognidox officeto a pdf -. OfficeToPDF is a command line utility that converts. Microsoft Office ,. , ,

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Exceptional customer support provides swift responses and well-explained solutions to any issues, with the added benefit of being fully open to customer suggestions on system modifications.

Cognidox for high-tech R&D Reviews and Pricing –

CogniDox delivers enterprise software features within the budget of start-ups and small companies, yet can scale to many thousands of users. The more you use it the more you learn what it can do for enhancing your management system and optimizing your organization’s effectiveness.

I’ve been a user of Cognidox almost since ro inception.

Good software and outstanding support. Apart from ensuring their company has up-to-date records and cognidoz control compliance; this saves employee time by removing the nuisance of conflicting multiple versions of documents and by making search easy and productive.

Experienced technology executive Joe Cogndox, who was identified by Paul as his potential successor earlier in the year, has been named as interim CEO of the document management and web portal software provider. It enables better product lifecycle management and knowledge transfer from developers to partners, clients and customers. Our company has used Cognidox for a few years.


Newsletter News Archive In the press Founder views. A great value product with excellent features and unparalleled support.

CogniDox for Office add-in is now available – Cambridge Network

As a Management Systems Consultant, I was introduced to this package by two clients who had already been using it. I found it to be very powerful and quick to learn. Example customers are shown at www.

Cognidox, a leading provider of document management technology, has joined forces with Acrolinx GmbH to integrate document quality checking into the document management process. The strongest point of Cognidox is the excellent customer support, which is very quick and effective.

We used a simple net drive before, so it has been challenging to get people used to document management system concepts such as document numbers as containers, and the added steps needed to create and manage content in a structured way. Cambridge Network Limited is a company registered in England under company No. New documents can be created with a single right-click and new drafts or issues can be uploaded into document part numbers. Cognidox today announced the availability of CogniDox Version 9.

New documents can also be created from company templates stored within the CogniDox repository Info: In addition, the customer support is outstanding, with timely and helpful support provided in real time, and openness to enhancement going forward. We have had some difficulties, for example with the automatic PDF conversion and automatic modification of document properties in MS Office, but for the most part it has worked well.

Home News CogniDox for Office add-in is now available. Customer Service – Second to None.


The side-bar contains four tabs — Search, Browse, Info and Actions. It enables better product lifecyle management and knowledge transfer from offfice to partners, clients and customers. Home Directory Member directory – companies Cognidox Ltd. Just wanted to say what great support Cognidox provide – questions are answered promptly and difficulties always overcome.

Documents can be opened from CogniDox directly into the Office application.

Cognidox for high-tech R&D

Enhanced document control and system management. Cognidox, a leading provider of document management technology, is pleased to add a JIRA Software plug-in to its growing list of 3rd party software product integrations. Cognidox announced that Paul Cognido, its co-founder fofice CEO, passed away on October 3rd following a long illness with cancer.

The functionality of the previous offering has been fully replicated and extended in the new release: An excellent product with excellent customer service. Not Likely Extremely Likely.

Displays general CogniDox metadata information such as author and part number, and also version information. Smart Document Management Many leading Silicon and Software companies have cognirox us to solve their document management woes Authentication to CogniDox is handled through Office, or transparently with Windows authentication. It was however a necessary change as the company grew.

We provide highly-integrated support for system engineering workflows and the product lifecycle.