21 Jan This is a first draft of a story I translated from a Bengali story by the name of Birinchi Baba by Parashuram — Raj Sekhar Basu. This is the. Ray’s early intimacy with his ascetic uncle Subimal (Chotokaka) perhaps helped him get the fake guru Birinchi Baba correct. Chotokaka regularly visited babas. the laying on of hands, at which Birinchi Baba is an adept, Ray devised, as a supposed symbol of Time Future and Time Past, the revolving of hands: the index .

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I am not a happy man,” Nitai Babu was saying. He closed both his eyes and sat immovable.

But, if someone else said something that struck him as funny, he could not birinchl himself from bursting into laughter. The devotees feel foolish and perhaps have learnt a lesson.

Not too long ago a real baba, who used to prescribe remedies involving the distribution of hot samosas and muffins among folks, went bust. At this, Nitai-babu firmly grasped both hands of Paramartha and became emotional.

It’ll pass, you’ll see. After the death of his wife, Gurupada, an advocate, has not been at peace.

Mahapurush – Wikipedia

After a long time, Birinchi Baba opened his eyes, took some water out of a copper pot and sprinkled it everywhere. We are not interested in plain talk about religion.

Go into that hall, everyone is There was a mattress on it, covered with a printed rug, showing a tiger.


I have heard that he is going to gift all his property to Birinchi-baba, his guru. He knew everyone you have ever heard of — Bhagirath, Tutenkhamun, Nebuchadnazzer, Hammurabi, the neolithic man, blrinchi erectus, even the missing link.

As he tried to escape, Satya grabbed him. He stood up, rushed forward and threw himself at the Baba’s feet. Ha ha ha, Jesus was born only yesterday! Nibaron and Satyabrata set off to the court of Birinchi-baba. He used to take opium, every day, at two o’clock. I thought there would be music as well, mingled with the grass to create green melody.

Buchki is much braver than me. Let’s go and see Noni right now. Ever since Ma Thakrun went to heaven, our own babu has lost his will to live.

On the deck in the courtyard was placed a harmonium. Similarly, you have the path of chillies, sawdust, salt, cowdung, crystal, crows –” “Crows? Then he sprinkled water from a small ladle all over the room. Now where did Einstein learn all his theories you think? If too many people turn up asking for favours, he might get confused. I shall never forget it, never. The rest of us would go to the lunch room to sleep, but our good old uncle would not leave his desk.

Nitai Babu was a regular visitor here.

Who would eat a crow? We need the help of you and the gatekeeper-ji. Professor Noni was standing by, arms akimbo, his dhoti tucked in at the waist. What’s been happening in your house in Dum Dum? If you don’t try to help me, who will? What a scene did you create before my father.


This will serve you well. Alokananda Ghosh marked it as to-read Aug 12, Noni is the son-in-law of Gurupada-babu, he is also a distant cousin of Satyabrata, and a class-friend of Nibaron. Nitaida here couldn’t handle any of them. Only Nibaran and Paramartha were left behind. Birihchi then brought him back to the present time.

বিরিঞ্চি বাবা

A hall on the ground floor had been cleared to receive male visitors. It had flaps that came down to cover his ears. Has he been able to make any money? That would not be very easy. Motiram, I mean Nibaran Nibaron, heh heh, how is your father? A lot of people appeared to be talking excitedly. He has brought gifts for all of you — Durga Puja is round the corner, you see.

No, sir, I cannot even do that. Apparently, all he ever eats is green chillies. Since the arrival of Birinchi-baba, the house was repaired. Is Noni finding it difficult these days to eat it raw? Everyone there wore lungis and spoke Urdu.