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Sound Measurement – 50244. The upper part of the sound pressure level is in “peak” and “C” to capture. Pollutant information and – profiles. In critical ggi eg, potential litigation, security, court proceedingswhich calibrates the equipment. The electrode is before and after measurement to check eg a gauge. The latter assist in the selection of personal hearing protectors. The measurement time is long enough to select the feature Noise to be recorded.

Noise areas are under the Noise Vibration ArbSchV at 50244 a daily noise exposure level of 85 dB A into law and the proper use of hearing protectors must be ensured. In any case, to verify that the measured values and the boundary conditions in the workplace situations to be assessed are transferable. These informations are used in production processes and machinery related noise is necessary.


In this Working Group include representatives of the industries involved as experts for the prevention of health hazards due to noise is enabled.

Interior compatibility checking for engineering materials. Legal information and literaturelinks.

The existing preventive measures against noise in the workplace hearing hazards and increased risks of accidents are now available from eg 85 dB A from 90 dB A is required. Noise-level survey – noise. The identification and assessment of the nature, extent and duration of exposure to noise may be the employer of the manufacturer’s information or generally accessible information sources, such as comparative literature or from the comparable jobs, operate.

Designates the value is now a level of daily exposure to noise. The measurements must be approved by a competent person with vgi instrumentation and measurement techniques according to the state of technology, so that a decision on the implementation of values is possible.

Interviews with employees and superiors, as well as studies of workflow can be used. Then the “location” measurement values are documented based on personal assessments and preventive measures.

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Measurements must meet the operational requirements of DIN match. Regarding the noise includes the risk assessment include the identification of Nature, severity and duration of exposure. Readings and the uncertainties are presented separately.

Material inspection and quality monitoring. Should be recognized when the warning signals in noise, special assessments are necessary to avoid a potential accident risk to cope with excessive light of the warning signs.


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Climate – and ventilation systems – checking and monitoring. The uncertainties should be documented and, for example, according to DIN to bbgi. Determining the level of noise exposure requires the recording of the noise characteristics for the corresponding job, ie the noise over the noise level and duration in part of the average long-term noise typical load. The measurements must be kept at least 30 years.

My measurements are not always necessary, bhi it also can be valued database, literature recognized or similar jobs are used. 50224 risk assessment is a competent person, such as the specialist for occupational safety performed. In the measurement of the technical content of the surveys, for example, equipment, parts, materials, special parameters and additional information eg indicating the sound according to the class HM BGR “use of the audience” [7] and the BGI hearing of the information “[8].

When exceeding the upper exposure noise reduction is a program of technical and organizational measures and implement. The levels of weekly noise exposure, on application by the competent authority in exceptional cases be admitted.