13 Mar Aasa Di Vaar is the most popular of all the vaars incorporated in Sri Guru Granth Sahib by Guru Arjan Dev. It is the masterpiece of Guru Nanak. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Asa Di Vaar – Bahu Shabdi. Download Asa Di Vaar – Bahu Shabdi and enjoy it. Asa Ki Vaar. Asa Ki Var is a collection of 24 pauris or stanzas written by Guru Nanak Devji (Sri Guru Granth Sahib, page Asa Ki Vaar By Bhai Baldev .

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Even holy persons, who are outwardly very good and kind, often suffer from religious pride. If we are learned, we should not call any one low or inferior.

Only they are pure, O Nanak, within whose minds the Lord abides. One Universal Creator God. Over the years this fear should become gradually replaced by love and self surrender, so that he loses his Impatience with those who are imperfect; he is in sympathy with them, for they are like strayed sheep.

Asa di Var

At the time of recitation, the choir will prefix each of the stanzas by a quatrain from the series by Guru Ram Das entered separately under Raga Asacollectively dl as “chakkas”, or sextettes from the groups of six quatrains each counting as a unit. The Rig Veda says that God is permeating and pervading everywhere; among the deities, the Lord’s Name is the most exalted. It is only by understanding our own self-limits that we achieve the highest goals of our own existence.

Sikhism vaxr beliefs Sikh.

Sometimes so-called religious people, commit heinous crimes through self-righteousness and bigotry. Personal tools Create account Log in. It should be remembered that Ego in its pure essence is self-awareness or identity which when regulated is an essential, for it is the basis of one’s character or moral nature.


Sikh scripture Sikh terminology Adi Granth. These are the Popular Banis of Sikhism. Man is born of woman; he is wedded to women. Thus together the terms means “A ballad of hope”. Both Hindus and Muslimsill-treated their women. Part of a series on Sikh scriptures Sikhism history beliefs.

The Guru’s personality and message transform the life of the disciple. The text is also strewn with telling social comment. He reads our hearts and is not affected by only recitations of holy texts, markings on the fore-head with sandal-wood paste, cooking food within plastered squares, offering of choice dishes and libations of water, or by the barley-rolls and leafy platters, served to priests for the benefit of the dead.

Gaar metaphysical aspect of the Asa-di-var emphasizes Divine Ordinance Hukum vi, God’s grace, the wonders assa Nature and the pervading spirit of God in all His creation.

Real pollution is self incurred; it comes from greed, lust, lying and slander, all of which corrupt the mind. Ego is a deep-rooted disease, but in it lies its own cure as well.

A love of God cannot live in the heart that loves only itself. They will also punctuate the singing with illustrative hymns from Guru Granth Sahib and with passages from Bhai Gurdas and Bhai Nand Lal whose compositions constitute approved texts. Ultimately we will be judged not by our learning or status, but by our conduct. Sweetness of speech and humility are the essence of virtues. It is a composition by Guru Nanakthe founder of Sikhiand is sung by kirtania religious musicians at Sikh congregations or gatherings as part of the early morning service.

God will ultimately punish them for deceiving and exploiting ordinary people. What counts is self-control, purity and compassion. The Guru pointed to the need of improving of the conditions of the poor and under-privileged.


When regulated by right motivation and active service, it is positive and beneficial.

Asa di Var – Wikipedia

As a woman has her periods, month after month, so does falsehood dwell in the mouth of the false; they suffer forever, again and again. Image Of The Undying. These things are done to win popular acclaim or to appease priests. In its present form, it carries twenty four stanzas with a total of fifty nine slokas, 45 by Guru Nanak and fi by Guru Angad.

It is only si we attune our own will to the Supreme Will, that we can become super-men. Initially, it is the fear of God’s wrath or displeasure which inspires the seeker to offer worship and prayer. O Nanak, only one thing is of any account: Chant 13 – 16 5.

From passage to passage, the Var touches upon aas different themes, but one central point of caar is the state of man, and how he may liberate himself from the bondage of self and prepare himself for union with the Divine.

Impurity does not exist in matter, but in one’s ego, indifference to God and other people.

The Guru rejected the ‘Transfer-theory’ of Brahmins, that offerings given to them, were of benefit to the ancestors of the donors. The Asa Di War kirtan is recited in the early morning hours in a very melodious way and style as mentioned by Guru Arjan Dev Ji called “Tunde Asraje Ki Dhuni” after the name of the contemporary brave and pious king Asraj.

This page was last edited on 19 Julyat Suffering is a remedy, pleasure a disease for in pleasure God is forgotten.