21 May What, like letting them get brutally tortured for hours at a time? She’s such an amazing leader. Micah nods and agrees with everything Anita has. Narcissus in Chains, the tenth installment in the ever-popular Anita Blake series, finds everyone’s favorite vampire hunter back on her home turf and delving into. 1 Oct Narcissus in Chains read online free from your Pc or Mobile. Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #10) is a Fantasy novel by.

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That made me go in to a rage. I’ve always been undecided about how Jean-Claude really felt about Anita.

These anita blake narcissus in chains had been in the series before, almost from the start. Kiryuu-chanOct 304: It’s all about her threesome with Richard and Jean Claude or lack thereof and all the ‘magic’ that narcissjs with it.

Mar 18, Rick rated it it was ok Shelves: Louis than normal and it all wants to make her part of it.

Narcissus in Chains – Wikipedia

Definitely where the Crazy Train finally departed. It seemed that Hamilton realized she would make more money punching out vampire bodice rippers than actually formulating an effective plot. Richard at first I was like oh awesome he’s becoming cool, calm and collected and getting anita blake narcissus in chains the program ummmmm WRONG!!!! We could never be strangers. Sep 24, Pages. While I adore Micah’s character, there are a few things that bothered me about him.

Hamilton has written the best book of her career because she gives the audience the answers they have been waiting for.


Narcissus in Chains

Because narcisssus was not enough to have anita blake narcissus in chains, wereleopards, wererats, wereswans, weresnakes, weretigers, werehyenas, weredogs and aniya. No really, it becomes canon in Kiss the Dead that becoming a shifter makes you kinky. Trivia About Narcissus in Chai And finally, the back and forth between Richard and Anita was just tiresome.

And then we have Micah. New folk that want to sleep with her: But if I pick up a book to read a mystery or some fantasy and get doused with a couple hundred pages ij fellatio before the plot even begins, I’m not reading what I picked the book up to read.

He bit harder, just this side of drawing blood. He pinned me to the wall and slid inside me, one tight anita blake narcissus in chains at a time. And somewhat impossible “And I spasmed underneath him, bodies slamming against the bed, not from Richard’s thrusts, but from the power of the orgasm itself.

Those are erotic things to be covered in. And since she was dating the werewolf king called an Ulfricshe was deemed his chhains like a werewolf queen, I guess.

Anita Blake Series by Laurell K. How many nuclear explosions have YOU been through? The only problem is, after the previous books where Anita was almost a prude, the sudden explosion of anita blake narcissus in chains awakening comes off as frankly ridiculous and almost crass, and detracts somewhat from the plot.

Other books in the series. I mean Narcisus what a wacko yet kinda cool, then there is Chymera who is mentioned many many times after this book and plays an extemely important part in Anita’s chxins this is definetly not one to miss.


She was a tough-as-nails take-no-crap woman in a male-dominated milieu and I found it narcsisus to root for her. He must rue the day. And onto Cerulean Anita blake narcissus in chains I go!!

Maybe because I’m older now then when I last read them but I’m seeing Anita in a whole new light. Last book Anita was becoming this unrelatable character badass and the author tries to humanize her in this one anita blake narcissus in chains making her cry all the time and throw up and other characters love her anita blake narcissus in chains they may be or whatever she may have done I still remember practically jumping for joy when Anita and Jean-Claude finally leaped that particular hurdle.

I still haven’t been able to read it yet damn assignments are keepingme way to busy. At the beginning, Anita was holding out for marriage, because that’s the way she was raised and how she felt about sex.

So I will say this: She exhibits all sorts of new powers that confirm this suspicion. Faust and Meng Die introduced — why? My favorite Anita Blake books are the ones with a znita strong horror background.