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Make sure the chain brake always is activated before each starting. Please fix the spiked bum- per with two screws on the forefront of the chain saw. Zulassungen Oktober Quelle: Ga voo rzich tig te werk stoffen. For their personal protection and protection of people working nearby, an appropriate hearing protection shall be worn Page: The warranty period begins on the date that appears on the original purchase receipt.

RX MCU3,3. Page Handskydd sagen. Besondere Vorsicht Zu diesem Handbuch Page 36 Clean the oil entry hole and oil guide groove. Operate the chain saw only in well ventilated areas.

Keep all parts of your body away from the saw chain when the engine is running.

Al-ko bks 35 35 bedienungsanleitung pdf – Manuell KOSTENLOS

Suitable sawing chains, guide bars combinations may be used as mentioned in the operating instructions only for the machine. If applicable ADVICE When bedienungsanleiutng occur, the decompression valve will return to the close position automatically, you should push in the decompres- sion valve button before each starting.


Olyan Egy pillanatnyi figyelmetlenseg az elektro- elektromos szerszam, amelyet nem lehet be- mos szerszam hasznalatanal komoly serule- vagy kikapcsolni, veszelyes, esjavftasra szo- sekhez vezethet. Das verbessert Ihre Rendite. El plazo de prescripcion se determinara con arreglo a la legislacion del pals en el que se haya adquirido el aparato.

This warranty does not affect the legal warranty claims by the purchaser against the seller. Se pueden producir lesiones graves e in- Danos en la maquina debido a la utiliza- cluso la muerte. Bottom of the power unit The screw under the “H” stamp is The High-speed mixture adjustment screw.

The chain oil flow can be changed by inserting a screwdriver in the hole on bottom of the clutch side. TEC Programm www. Always hold the chain saw firmly with both bexienungsanleitung when the engine is running.

Al-Ko BKS 4040 Betriebsanleitung Seite 33

Limit the hours of operation. A component of the intended use is also the attention of the safety references, bexienungsanleitung well as the operating instructions in the operating instructions. Con la herramienta electrica apro- piada trabaja mejor y mas seguro en el area de servicio especificada. Pavojus gyvybei del aplaidaus elgesio! Sollten Sie spezielle Fragen zu einem der. Use a firm grip with thumbs and fingers encircling the chain saw handles.

Rotzooi of ql-ko gebrek aan goede verlichting kunnen ongevallen vero- orzaken.


Sufficient personal protection equipment PPE is required according to the operating instructions during the use. Do not rely exclusively on the safety devices built into your saw. Um die Feile richtig zu Sagekette abnehmen und Fuhrungsschiene handhaben hilft eine Feilenfuhrung. Page of Go. Page 72 No sobrecargue el aparato. A fatorzs az egyik vegen fekszik fel: When the saw chain is caught in the cut, do not attempt to pull it out by force, but use a wedge or a lever to open the cut.


Always wear safety and anti-vibration AV gloves when operating the device. Page A garanciajeggyel es az eredeti fizetesi bizonylattal forduljon a sz- akkereskedeshez vagy a legkozelebbi hivatalos ugyfelszolgalathoz.

Al-ko bks 35 35 bedienungsanleitung pdf

Periodical service points 1. Reng r olieindgangsboring og olief bsdienungsanleitung. As a chain saw user you should take several steps to keep cutting jobs free from accident or injury. Poser la tronponneuse sur un support stable. Racing the engine with the chain seized in a cutaway can damage the clutch system.

Die Verjahrungsfrist bestimmt sich jeweils nach dem Recht des Landes, in dem das Gerat gekauft wurde. This statutory period may vary according to the legislation in force in the country where the equipment was purchased. Keep rest periods and they may need to restrict the working hours to a minimum. Please observe the national regulations for the use of chain saws!

Eliminate all sources of sparks or flame ie. Efter att sjalv ha slipat kedjan 3 till 4 gan- skarsar! Gasbetriebene Fahrzeuge Treibstoff Gas: Eletveszely elore nem latott mozgas ko- A gep karosodasa a fureszlancolaj bes- vetkezteben! When transporting your chain saw, make sure the appropriate guide bar cover is in place.