For discussion of Aeronautica Imperialis news, rumours and tactics. Will you be hunter or hunted?. For things like planes, an officer of the fleet, etc, they have Aeronautica Imperialis listed on their data sheets in the faction keywords section. The Tabletop Tactics Forum The idea is that the Aeronautica Imperialis acts like the US Navy with carrier launched aircraft acting as both a.

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Laspistol Infantry Squad [3 PL, 47pts].

You lose direct access to the Arco-flagellant, Ministorum priest, Death Cult Assassin, Psykers, and Servitors unless you take a specific formation, though the new formation highly resembles the old unit and comes with a few new bonuses.

Overall it is quite funny to think about with it. I might make the command squad a full sniper squad for cheap mortal wound fishing but otherwise they exist to help the commander.

A chance to engage in more complicated dogfights than those used by Fokker Wolves and Tiger Moths. For the enemy to detect whether the aircraft they are approaching is real or a phantom they have to close within medium range.


Our website or its third party tools use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience. Connor MacLeodOct 8, We the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. I have a lot of anti tank tied up in the Thunderbolt fighters and heavy weapons teams. With a bit of sand on the base and water as well.


That’s why I’ve still not bought one. I might take a cue from the oldie-but-goodie mini-game “Bommerz over da Sulpha river” and do a ‘Dambusters’ mission, low-level, high-surrounding terrain, at night.

Dozer blades are always welcome point sinks, though by no means mandatory. That extended to the idea of an army based upon the Marine forces who served in the same theater of war and were often backed up by F4F’s as they fought to claim islands throughout the conflict. I already have a scheme in mind for the aircraft, a light grey underside and a blue grey top similar to how aircraft operating at sea were painted to provide some measure of camouflage.

Aeronautica Imperialis | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Ads by Project Wonderful! Two are good, two are not completely worthless but nothing particularly special, and two are almost totally pointless. Next update for Impdrialis Imperialis: Connor MacLeodSep 24, Slightly improved now that the Command Squad can be taken solo though.

Historically, after the suicidal first waves, the surviving Lancasters that had dropped their bouncing-bombs swung around then went ahead of the still-loaded Lanc to distract fire – i imagine this tactic could apply to all bombers in AI, you do your points-winning bombing run, then, rather than fly the bombers off the board you swing them back to ensure other bombers get their load down.


Yes, my password is: LM Impeialis lives in death! Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new aeronautia a glance.

Forgeworld Aeronautica Imperialis analysis thread | SpaceBattles Forums

Times and dates in your local timezone. SatnavOct 17, I have a vague idea in mind, but I’m still flexible on what aeronauticz build and what to get on most things, however Tactjcs will say that the aircraft portion is fairly set, as there are few flyers that evoke a more Pacific Theater image, at least to me.

Log in or Sign up. One battalion goes forward with mostly flamers and such with the goal of controlling the board.

SatnavOct 16, If you are already a imperiali then feel free to login now. You can read all the details here: Entropy JudgeOct 8, Next up we move to the supplementary book, and a throwback to Taros for Forgeworld-esque ‘Tau vs Imperium’ silliness. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get aeronauhica own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: