A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel (Fifth Edition) [Tom Phillips] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “A ‘treated Victorian novel’―treated. Explore Karry Henry Nowak’s board “Humument” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Altered books, Art sketchbook and Artist sketchbook. A Humument is a work of interwoven literary and artistic genius. It began with a trip to a thrift store in , where Phillips gave himself the task.

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I won’t demean the beauty of this work by trying to explain the mechanics of its creation. And it is not really about the “plot,” if you can even say it has a plot. Its vocabulary is rich and lush and its range of reference and allusion large.

Each page is so densely rich, even when almost starkly pared down, that I know I will come back to this again and again and again, whenever I want to experience the expansiveness of creative possibility.

Nov 29, Rooks rated it it was amazing. Views Read Edit View history.

Jan 21, Meg Gee rated it really liked it. He does not seem a very agreeable person: And it seems this is a work in progress, as the author keeps adding other pages with every new edition published. The project will be a tribute to his years working on A Humument and to Mallock for his tremendous contribution, of huumment he is, of course, unaware.

Tom Phillips, Humument Fragments: I made a rule; that the first coherent book I could find for threepence i. I thoroughly enjoyed this strange, amorphous, obsessive text.

This new fourth edition follows its predecessors by incorporating revisions and re-workings — over half the pages in the edition are replaced by new versions — and celebrates an artistic enterprise that is nearly forty years old and still actively a work in progress. Return to Humujent Page. This is simply something you must try for yourself. Do huumument a favour — grab a copy and treat your mind to this intellectual feast. I have never come across its equal in later and more conscious searchings.


In the mids, Bumument Phillips took a forgotten nineteenth-century novel, W.

According to Phillips, Toge is a sad character, but becomes more cheerful toward the end. Apr 28, Philip Carlsen rated it it was amazing.

Quite a few poets and artists have followed Phillips lead, including Austin Kleonwho is known for blackout poetry, which is created by covering newsprint in black marker, though Phillips believes that his strength in drawing is what tops the work of followers.

Humumnet 03, Bskaught rated it it was amazing. Over the years, Phillips has used Mallock to generate a small cottage industry of spin-offs.

A Humument

A friend of a friend witnessed this book in an exhibit in Paris and said that the humumetn barely closes for the paint is so thick in places. A book that makes you want to put it down At the moment he is painting a chapel in a cathedral in London.

Humument is an example of erasure or found poetry. View all 12 comments.

A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel

For instance, page of the second version, a hodgepodge of colorful crosshatched comicstrip images featuring a blonde woman with a tear on her cheek, reads: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And yet, I loved my copy of the third edition and have been longing to replace it sincewhen I gave it away thinking it would be an easy matter to find another copy. A very human document made from a prudish text.


The piece has been performed twice and recorded, and Phillips has created a second full version of it. If you like erotic? A revised edition of A Humument with more than 50 new pages followed two years later. The sculptor takes a great lump of marble and chips away and after swearing and downing much alcohol finally the statue that was hiding in the marble is revealed. Suffice it to say, I think that’s pretty f’n cool. View all 4 comments.

Tom Phillips – A Humument

I highly recommend both Carrion and Phillips for a humumetn understanding of where the book stops being merely a book and becomes a stand-alone object defined as art. Jan 20, Beth Wisniewski rated it it was amazing. Pages to import images to Wikidata. The artist writes, ‘I plundered, mined and undermined its text to make it yield the ghosts of other possible stories, scenes, poems, erotic incidents and surrealist catastrophes which seemed to lurk within its wall of words.

I was reluctant when I first heard about this book, but read it anyway at my teacher’s recommendation. He draws, sketches, and paints over the pages of the text, creating his own text through excision.